II. Applicability of the Faculty Handbook and Procedures for Change

II.D. Faculty Handbook Committee

II.D.1. Appointment to the Committee
A standing committee to consider changes in, additions to and deletions from the Faculty Handbook shall be appointed and shall meet as needed, at least once each year. Three members shall be appointed to staggered three-year terms by the speaker. Three members shall be appointed to staggered three year terms by the provost. Terms shall begin at the beginning of the fall semester. Letters of appointment shall specify the length of the term of appointment.

II.D.2. New Members
At the beginning of each academic year, the provost and the speaker will make any necessary new appointments to the committee, filling vacancies that will be left by members whose terms are scheduled to end or who are leaving the committee for other reasons. The letter of appointment should go out to new appointees by August 15 to take effect at the beginning of the fall semester, along with reminders of continuing appointment to members whose terms will not have expired. Any vacancies arising during the academic year will be filled by the provost or speaker, as appropriate, to fill out the unexpired term of the vacancy, by written appointment.

II.D.3. Operating Procedures

II.D.3.a. First Meeting of the Academic Year
The committee shall schedule its first meeting each fall. The committee shall elect its chair annually. At its first meeting of the year, the committee will:

  1. Elect a chair, who shall serve as a voting member of the committee;
  2. Receive a list of suggestions received to date to be considered for the year;
  3. Set a schedule for any meetings needed during the year; and
  4. Discuss any procedural matters for the operation of the committee.

II.D.3.b. Subsequent Meetings
The committee shall meet at other times as necessary to determine if any changes in, additions to or deletions from the Faculty Handbook are to be recommended for approval. At other scheduled meetings during the suggestion consideration cycle, the committee will consider, discuss and vote on suggestions received that academic year for changes in, additions to and deletions from the Faculty Handbook.

II.D.3.c. Staff Support
Assistance to the committee shall be provided by appropriate individuals appointed by the provost. The Office of the provost will provide staff support for the committee.

II.D.4. Reporting Procedures

II.D.4.a. Periodic Reports to the Provost and the Faculty Senate
As requested, the chair of the committee will report to the provost and the Faculty Senate on the progress of the committee.

II.D.4.b. Annual Report to President, Provost and Speaker of the Faculty Senate
At the conclusion of the work of the committee for each academic year, the chair of the committee will send a written report to the president, provost, and the speaker reporting on the committee's work for the academic year, summarizing the suggestions received, the disposition of the suggestions acted upon by the committee, and any issues or suggestions carried forward to the next year. The report will be posted on the Web site for the committee.