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So your in a dilemma. You want the Exit 245 CD but you don't have cash on you. Don't you fret the bookstore is here to save the day! They take credit and Flex so you can use your parents money to get our CD! Or if it's your money, then its cool cause it's more fun to use cards than real money! So go DISC-over the Exit CD in the bookstore!

April 17th, 2003. The largest thing to happen to A Cappella since New Kids on the Block, the release of Exit's new CD! It's gonna be loaded with more fun things than the play tubes at Chuckie Cheese's!
Congrats to Danny Ozment our new music director and Jason Ratliff the new assistant music director. Thanks to Ryan and Mike for doing a fantastic job in making this past semester one of our most successful yet!





New Semester, New Director, New New New. Yep lots of cool stuff coming up, lots of fun activities. Things to look for from Exit, new CD due out April 17th at our Spring Concert, more new songs and lots of performances. Exit is ready and rearin' to take on what lies ahead. Would you like to make Exit part of your event? Click on concerts and e-mail the man at the bottom and we will try our best to hook you up. This semester is starting to book up extremely fast and we would love to help you out!