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"Get Off Your High Horse"

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February 25, 2010  •  By Andrew Reese

So if you haven’t heard yet, Snooki the bronzed femme fatale from the “Jersey Shore” is coming to town. This event has created drama and debate of unseen levels on campus, resulting in the creation of two principle camps, those who love her and those who hate her.

I in no way, shape or form believe Snooki is a positive role model in any facet, except perhaps for demonstrating ways in which not to act. I personally wouldn’t find it an interesting or entertaining show and thus have no intention in attending.

On the flip side, I also know this event is not catered to me, which is something I don’t think others realize. Attention JMU students: Not every event UPB brings to campus is for you. It is, however, catered to the 2,999 people who have clicked “attending” on University Program Board’s Facebook page as of 11 p.m. Monday night. The show is now sold out.

First, let’s set the record straight. UPB receives roughly $180,000 in student fees at the beginning of every year. It is then responsible for making a congruent amount on their own through revenue. Therefore, this event will be funded entirely through its own revenue.

Remember, everyone involved in UPB is a student just like us. To their credit, they have brought a towering amount of quality entertainment to campus every year. Further, JMU has neither the facilities nor the funds to bring the big names we hear elsewhere. Besides, if people are so outraged by this event, becoming involved in the organization would be more effective than just criticizing it from behind a page of pixelated words.

Then there are the free speech “violations” that occurred when UPB took down the wall for the event in the wake of derogatory comments. Last time I checked, hate and fighting speech is both a clear violation of the US Constitution and JMU policy. So please, understand this before making callous comments or submitting ignorant darts.

More so, who are we to instantly become the judges of JMU’s moral standard? I am baffled at all this moral greatness which has suddenly flowed out of pens and mouths. When speaking of lowering brain cells and damaging JMU’s image, perhaps you forget about our biggest problem of all, alcohol belligerence. But then again, you probably just don’t remember last night.

Where is the outrage and Facebook group for this? I don’t see any blistering opinion articles or hatefully spewing Facebook wall posts. Let’s get real; Snooki’s behavior in the show is enacted every weekend by portions of our student body. We have no right to become beings who have suddenly achieved moral transcendence.

Everyone needs to lighten up, plain and simple. It’s a comedy show with a comedian, and if you can’t see past that, you really don’t understand the situation. More than anything, I encourage a healthy debate on the subject, but please people, get off your high horse.


Andrew Reese was a sophomore international affairs and history major and SGA executive treasurer when he wrote "Get Off Your High Horse."

Reese, Andrew. "Get Off Your High Horse." Breeze. James Madison U, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 25 Feb. 2010. Web. 22 April 2011 <>.


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