Talent Development

What Every JMU Supervisor Needs to Know (TD2104)

Wed, 9 May 2018 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Session: 8 of 8

Location: Pathways Training Center


Show Me the Money!

Unlike the private sector, public employees cannot rely on an organizations profits or other financial performance indicators used to increase compensation. As a state agency, JMU is subject to both the political process, cost of living, regulations, and other market forces that effect salary increases, bonuses and benefits. However, managers and supervisors should know what opportunities exist to address compensation for their employees. In this closing session we will identify both the pay practices and the responsibilities of the supervisor when addressing compensation.


  • Introduce the Salary Administration Plan to participants
  • Understand key pay practices and supervisor responsibilities
  • Learn how to address pay concerns with your employees

Facilitated by: Julie Byers, Benefits Administrator, Jennifer Kester, Assistant Director of Recruitment and Employment, and Andrea Kiser, HR Consultant

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