Jan 8 First Day of Classes

Jan 15 Martin Luther King Jr. - Holiday

Jan 16 Add Drop Deadline Semester and 1st Block

Jan 25 Add Departmental Permission - Semester and 1st Block

Jan 26 Withdraw from University Deadline


Feb 6 Student Assessment Day

Feb 6 Withdraw deadline for 1st block classes

Feb 27 Last day of class - 1st block


Mar 5 Spring Break

Mar 12 First Day of Classes- 2nd block

Mar 16 Withdraw deadline for semester classes

Mar 19 Add Drop Deadline 2nd Block

Mar 19 Summer Advance Registration

Mar 28 Add Departmental Permission - 2nd Block


Apr 2 Fall Registration Begins

Apr 11 Withdraw deadline for 2nd block classes

Apr 12 Incomplete work Fall 2017 due to instructor

Apr 13 Graduation Application Deadline to the advisor- December

Apr 18 Thesis Due to Graduate School

Apr 26 Last day of class - semester and 2nd block

Apr 27 Final Exams - semester and 2nd block


May 3 Graduation Ceremonies

May 7 First Day of Classes - UW1, 4W1, U8W, U10W, 6W1, 12W

May 7 Add/Drop Deadline 1 week

May 9 Add Drop Deadline 1st 4 week

May 10 Add/Drop Deadline 1st 6 week GR

May 11 Add/Drop Deadline U8W, U10W, 12W

May 11 Last Day of Classes -UW1

May 13 Graduation Application Deadline to the Registrar's Office- December

May 28 Memorial Day


Jun 1 Last Day of Classes -4W1 UG and GR

Jun 4 First Day of Classes - 4W2, U6W, 8W

Jun 6 Add/Drop Deadline 2nd 4 week

Jun 7 Add/Drop Deadline U6W

Jun 8 Add/Drop Deadline 8W- GR

Jun 15 Last Day of Classes -6W1 GR

Jun 18 First Day of Classes - 6W2 GR

Jun 21 Add/Drop Deadline 6W2- GR

Jun 29 Last Day of Classes -4W2, U8W


Jul 4 Independence Day

Jul 13 Last Day of Classes -U6W, U10W

Jul 27 Last Day of Classes -6W2, 8W, 12W

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