August 2013

Choose Your Own SLS Session

Mon, 26 Aug 2013 8:00 AM - Fri, 2 May 2014 5:00 PM

For UREC Student Employees Only

The goal of the "Choose Your Own SLS Session" is to have UREC student staff participate and experience another area within UREC.  Below is a list of acceptable activities.  You will receive one credit toward your certification and feather per year and once you have completed it, you must provide Hilary Bride with 3-4 sentence narrative via CANVAS about what you gained from the experience.  Go out and embrace all UREC and UPARK have to offer! 


  • Climb the Rock Wall
  • Go on Adventure Trip
  • Register and take any Adventure offered program/certification
  • *Note:  Participation in TEAM programs do not count

Aquatics and Safety:

  • Complete American Red Cross Certification Course
  • Complete a Swim Lesson
  • Attend a Dive in Movie or Courtyard Movie
  • Register and take any Aquatics and Safety Program or challenge

Fitness and Nutrition:

  • Complete Nutrition Analysis
  • Complete Fitness Analysis
  • Take a personal training session
  • Register and take any Fitness or Nutrition offered program/certification

Group Fitness:

  • Register and take a group fitness class
  • Make an appointment and participate in a massage
  • Register and take any Group fitness offered programs/ certifications


  • Register and play on an intramural team
  • Register and take any Intramural offered program/certification – including officiating!

Informal Recreation:

  1. Register and participate in Cardio Tennis
  2. Racquetball 101
  3. Badminton 101
  4. Participate in the Spring Racquetball Tournament
  5. Participate in the Spring Informal Recreation Station Challenge at UPark
  6. Complete the “Climb the Empire State Building” Challenge (Adventure/Informal)


  1. Attend a conference or workshop related to the sport and recreation profession. 
  2. Active member on a JMU Sport Club
  3. Volunteer on a UREC Committee: Student Training and Development; Warm a Winter Wish, Student Celebration Committee, Bahamian Sweetheart 5K, Homecoming Dukes 5K, UREC Beach Party, Nightmare at UREC, Reach Out Climb, Fitness Days or Fairs
  4. Volunteer to represent UREC:  CHOICES, Graduation, campus events or committees, Relay for Life or the Bahamas ASB trip
  5. Attend the semester event identified by the UREC Student Training and Development Committee – these will be advertised every semester at one/semester

More on the Student Leadership Series

  • During student’s time working at UREC, they have the opportunity to participate in voluntary (unpaid) professional development sessions sponsored by UREC. Student Leadership Series topics are broad. Some topics include job searching skills (“Interviewing the Interview:  Aligning Your Values & Job Fit”), being more effective at work (“Learning Styles in the Workplace:  Communicating Your Message Effectively”), preparing for graduation (“Young Alumni Involvement – Keeping the U in JM”) and a “Choose Your Own” opportunity to learn more about another educational program area of UREC.
  • In order to earn a UREC Leader Feather Pin and a certificate, students must complete four credits in a semester or five credits in a year. 
  • Over your tenure at UREC, you can earn different levels of Feathers: Silver (4/semester or 5/year); Gold (8-10); Diamond (12+). You must turn in your old Feather to get a new Feather!
  • Questions? Contact Hilary Bride.


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