Partnering With Procurement

Wed, 10 May 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Procurement Services is excited to announce that we will be leading a roundtable titled “Partnering With Procurement” at this year’s May Symposium. Consider attending and/or sharing with faculty members that you feel may benefit from this:

This roundtable is an introduction to the resources provided by the Department of Procurement Services. A general understanding of the purchasing process can make obtaining goods and services for you or your grant easier and will ensure compliance with university policy, grant guidelines, and state regulations.  Although Procurement staff often works with departmental staff and administration, faculty can also benefit from developing relationships with Procurement Services and understanding the types of support the office provides.

Participants will make progress toward these outcomes:

  •     Understanding the role, responsibilities, and resources of Procurement Services;
  •     Networking with staff from Procurement;
  •     Identifying current or future opportunities to work with Procurement Services.

We welcome the opportunity to engage with faculty at this year’s symposium and discuss the ways in which we can partner together in the future. See more and register at:

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