Madison Collaborative

Ethical Reasoning Research and Innovation: Ideas, Tools, and Grants

Wed, 11 May 2016 3:00 PM - 4:45 PM

Festival Conference Center, Highlands Room

Participate in an ethical reasoning research and innovation learn-and-write workshop where you can spend time creating your application for a Madison Collaborative mini-grant and hear colleagues and students share summaries of their research or innovation ideas such as, "Can sales people learn ethical sensitivity?" "Can art encourage ethical reasoning?" and "How does employing the Eight Key Questions in a simulated disaster affect nursing students' attitudes toward ethical reasoning?" Learn more about ethical reasoning assessment tools available for research. You can also meet one-on-one with a CARS or Madison Collaborative colleague to discuss and formulate your ideas.

LogoParticipants will make progress toward:

  • Developing an ethical reasoning research or program innovation mini-grant application,
  • Exploring ethical reasoning learning assessment tools that can be used in research, and
  • Formulating ethical reasoning research or innovation ideas.
Register for May Symposium Conference Day and select this session for the 3:00-4:45 time slot.

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