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Using Ethical Reasoning Education to Meet University Priorities

Wed, 11 May 2016 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Festival Room 3

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Is it possible to create educational experiences for students that include important ideas like diversity, sustainability, and ethical reasoning AND focuses on your content? It may take some creativity to figure out how to blend these high-priority ideas with each other, with disciplinary content or professional practice. Join faculty, Student Affairs colleagues, and university leaders in this roundtable discussion to learn about how they've adopted ethical reasoning as a tool to meeting other university priorities and how it has become part of their teaching and work.  Then tell us about your experiences and spend some time individually or with others constructing your own learning outcome(s) that use ethical reasoning as a means to addressing sustainability, diversity or engagement objectives. No experience with ethical reasoning education is necessary.

Participants will make progress toward:

  • identifying connections between their ethical reasoning education efforts and other university priorities,
  • constructing learning outcomes that attends to university priorities, and
  • learning about colleagues' efforts use ethical reasoning education as a tool to accomplish other university priorities.

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