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Core Introduction to the Eight Key Questions at May Symposium

Wed, 14 May 2014 1:00 PM - 4:50 PM

Festival Conference Center - Alleghany Room

The Madison Collaborative: Ethical Reasoning in Action, adopted as JMU’s Quality Enhancement Plan, embodies and complements the university mission as we promise to prepare students to be “educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.” JMU already values and promotes integrity within its community, yet the complex society which our graduates enter calls us to do more. The Eight Key Questions provide a foundation for members of the JMU community to integrate ethical reasoning skills into varied learning opportunities. In this workshop, participants will learn more about the origins and nuances of the Eight Key Questions and engage in an interactive workshop designed to enhance inquiry and meaningful discussion. This session is open for all who wish to attend (up to 24 people). This workshop is designed to help faculty make progress towards the following outcomes: Gain confidence with the Eight Key Questions; and Improve facility implementing the Eight Key Questions. Visit the May Symposium website to learn more. Register for "Conference Wednesday" and come to this session at 1:00.