Institute for Visual Studies

Fall Studio Seminar Course: The Object of Play

Mon, 29 Aug 2016 2:30 PM - Fri, 16 Dec 2016 4:30 PM


Closeup of hand playing mancala
The number five plays an important role in mancala as it does in philosophy and religion.
According to Taoism, five elements form the basis of the universe.

Do you remember playing games when you were younger? Hide-and-Go-Seek? Freeze-Tag? Monopoly? Play is not just for children; it can be an important part of our mental and physical health. It helps us handle stress, sustain relationships, and encourages creativity and innovation.  

In this interdisciplinary Studio Seminar, students will explore “play” from philosophical, religious, and artistic perspectives.  

Taught by professors Daniel Robinson (IVS and Photography) and Alan Levinovitz (Philosophy and Religion), this ART 492/590-Rel 300 course will be held in Roop Hall, Room 208M on Wednesdays from 2:30PM-4:30PM. 

For the seminar component, students will read and discuss attempts to define and describe play.

The studio component will consist of students designing and fabricating objects of play (games, toys, etc). Students will work collaboratively on projects, bringing together concepts and methods from their disciplines to create an interdisciplinary final product.  

Indian Games of Snakes and Ladders Before there was "Chutes and Ladders,"
there was "Snakes and Ladders."

Some say the game is a metaphor of life,
and give it a moral interpretation.

Students interested in philosophical and religious theories of play, game theory, design, sculpture, and more are encouraged to enroll.

Please click here for the syllabus.  See the poster here.

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