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April 2015

April 22: Earth Day Service Project:

Celebrate Earth Day (April 22) by volunteering at the Edith J. Carrier Arboretum. Madison Honors is organizing a volunteer session to help clean up the arboretum from 4-5 PM. This is a great way to get a quick service hour in, meet other Honors students, and give back on Earth Day. Students will meet at 3:45 PM in front of Shenandoah Hall and walk over to the arboretum. Make sure to wear appropriate attire (comfortable clothing, closed-toe shoes). 

If you are interested, contact Julia Lewis:

-- Madison Honors is the official student organization for the JMU Honors Program


April 24: Honors Symposium:

Madison Union Ballroom (Warren Hall, 5th floor)

The Honors Symposium showcases academic research and creative scholarship by JMU Honors students. More than 60 of our graduating seniors will present posters describing their Senior Honors Projects and will answer questions and discuss their work with the audience. The symposium is open to all members of the JMU community and beyond. Come celebrate the outstanding work of JMU Honors students!

Program of Events

1:00 PM - Pre-symposium Workshop
Informal workshop for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Graduating seniors will discuss their Senior Honors Projects, share their experiences, and answer questions about the process of designing and completing a senior project. This workshop will be led by current Honors students. 

2:30 PM - Honors Symposium

4:30 PM - Post-symposium cookout at Hillcrest House hosted by Madison Honors, the Honors Program student organization. All students, faculty, and friends are welcome.

List of Presenters

Al Husseini, Diana  |  Chemistry  |  Faculty Advisor: Yanjie Zhang
“Effects of Arions and Amino Acids on Surface Tension of Water”

Al-Karagholi, Adnan Mustafa  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Theresa Enyeart Smith
"The Effectiveness of Sealants in Protecting Against Occlusal Cavities"

Beben, Ashleigh  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Georgia Polacek
"An investigation of On-campus Compositing Among Undergraduate College Students"

Brooks, Kathryn  |  Communication Sciences & Disorders  |  Faculty Advisor: Lincoln C. Gray
"Cage Effect and Startle Responses With Mice"

Cameron, Deborah Patrice  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Katherine Ott Walter
"A Study of the Relationship Between High-Risk Sexual Behaviors and Self-Esteem in College-Aged Black Women"

Cannon, Audrey  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Sarah O'Connor
"Crossing Language Barriers: Using Translation to Bridge Socioeconomic, Cultural, and Gender-based Gaps"

Chung, Stephanie Eun-young  |  Economics  |  Faculty Advisor: Marina V. Rosser
"Internal Labor Market Mobility in China: An Economic and Political Perspective"

Corbett, Andrew  |  Finance  |  Faculty Advisor: Elias Semaan
"Evaluating the Effectiveness of Deterministic and Simulation-Based Options Pricing Models"

Corser, Jennifer  |  Nursing  |  Faculty Advisor: Julie A. Strunk
"Family and Child Developmental Education for Harrisonburg Adolescents"

Cregger, Alyson  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Monica Reis-Bergan
"The Effect of Communication Type on Knowledge Retention of Brain Injuries"

Deitrick, Christopher  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Jamie L. Kurtz
"How Construal of One's Academic Intentions Affects Preformance"

Distler, Lauren  |  Engineering  |  Faculty Advisor: Jonathan B. Gibson
"Impact of Polymer Coating on Weathering and Erosion of Weak Rocks"

Dodson, Erica  |  English  |  Faculty Advisor: Siân E. White
"Reactions to World War I in Poetry"

Donohue, Sarah  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Maria Theresa Wessel
"Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Related to Emergency Contraception Among College Students"

Dwyer, Megan  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Katherine Ott Walter
"The Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants Among Honors Students"

Fitzgerald, Kaitlin  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Monica Reis-Bergan
"Helicopter Parenting and Parent-Child Attachment"

Ford, Austin  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Mark D. Hawthorne
"JMU Dining To Go"

Fulcher, Taylor  |  Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies  |  Faculty Advisor: Edward Brantmeier
"Universal Education: Diversity of Schooling in France, South Africa, and The United States"

Gallaher, Katherine  |  Communication Sciences & Disorders  |  Faculty Advisor: Cynthia R. O'Donoghue
"Does Sensory Input, in the Form of Slow, Linear Vestibular Swinging, Change the Modes of Communication among Children with Autism?"

Girard, Rosemary  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: James R. Zimmerman
"The Professional Writer's Many Personae: Creative Nonfiction, Popular Writing, Speechwriting, and Personal Narrative

Glauber, Julia  |  Nursing  |  Faculty Advisor: Julie A. Strunk
"Family and Child Developmental Education form Harrisonburg Adolescents"

Haddon, Beatrix  |  Finance  |  Faculty Advisor: Elias Semaan
"The Effect of the Dodd-Frank Act on Risk in the Financial Industry"

Healey, Michelle  |  Media Arts and Design  |  Faculty Advisor: Sabrena Deal
"The Leadership Hub"

Howard, Kathryn  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Kevin J. Apple
"The Impact of 'Serene' and 'Fearful' Mood on Mortal Salience"

Hunt, Jessica  |  Communication Studies  |  Faculty Advisor: Tim Ball
"Devloping Anti-Bullying Materials for a Harrisonburg Elementary School"

Jacobs, Lindsey  |  Marketing  |  Faculty Advisor: Eric Van Steenburg
"Meaning Transfer in the Celeberity Candidate-Endorsement Relationship"

Jimenez-Bush, Isabel  |  Health Sciences  |  Faculty Advisor: Audrey J. Burnett
"The First Year: The Relationship Between Lonliness and Wellness Among College Freshman"

Johnson, Caroline  |  Nursing  |  Faculty Advisor: Julie A. Strunk
"The Use of Social Stories for Children With Autism When Going to the Doctor"

Jordan, Eleanor  |  Economics  |  Faculty Advisor: William C. Grant
"Top Heavy, Bias-Creating Behavior in Clinical Trials"

Kalavritinos, Ashley  |  Psychology  | Faculty Advisor:  Jeffrey T. Andre
"The Effect of Global and Local Processing in the Attentional Blink"

Kelley, Mackenzie  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Shelley Aley
"Human-Animal Communication in Captive Species: Dogs, Horses, and Whales"

Knudsen, Molly  |  Honors Interdisciplinary  |  Faculty Advisor: Keri Bethune
"Manifestation Determinations: A User-Friendly Guide toBest Practices"

Kohanik, Megan  |  Mathematics  |  Faculty Advisor: Alexis L. Stevens
"Summing It Up: Comparing and Contrasting Teaching Practices to Constructivist Learning Theories"

Langouet-Astrie, Christophe  |  Biotechnology  |  Faculty Advisor: Louise Temple
"Tricistronic Lenti-Viral Vector Construction using Scar-less DNA Assembly Methods and Web-based Software j5 to Help Study GRK4"

Larkin, Rachel  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Krisztina Jakobsen
"Retention Across Pedagogies"

Legan, Joseph  |  History  |  Faculty Advisor: John J. Butt
"The Medical Response to the Black Death"

Logan, Samantha  |  Studio Art  |  Faculty Advisor: Richard D. Hilliard
"Exploring the Art of Visual Storytelling"

Maher, Lauren  |  Communication Sciences & Disorders  |  Faculty Advisor: Cynthia R. O'Donoghue
"Quality of Life Indices in Brain Injury: A Pilot Investigation"

Massa, Olivia  |  Dietetics  |  Faculty Advisor: Janet W. Gloeckner
"Effectiveness of Nutrition Diagnosis and Intervention"

Mathers, Catherine  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey T. Andre
"The Effects of X-Axis Rotation on Data Estimation Accuracy"

McAvoy, Caitlin  |  Theatre & Dance  |  Faculty Advisor: Kate M. Arecchi
"Dancing with Romania: The Study and Exploration of Dance Therapy for Women and Girls in the 21st Century"

Melville, Kathleen  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Kevin Jefferson
"My Semester Abroad"

Michelli, Allison  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Karen McDonnell
"Local Flavors: An Exploration of Food Writing in the Shenandoah Valley"

Millet, Holly  |  Sociology  |  Faculty Advisor: Matthew B. Ezzell
"The Year of Change: Challenges Faced by First-year Students Based on Individual Identities"

Moore, Morgan  |  Marketing  |  Faculty Advisor: W. Val Larsen
"The Role of Intuitive Thought in Consumer Decision Making"

Moran, Mollie  |  Nursing  |  Faculty Advisor: Julie A. Strunk
"Family and Child Developmental Education for Harrisonburg Adolescents"

Nehrt, Jennifer  |  History  |  Faculty Advisor: Jessica Davidson
"The Model of Masculinity: Youth, Gender, and Masculinity in Fascist Italy"

Pelto, Emily  |  Biology  |  Faculty Advisor: Louise M. Temple
"Identification of the Staphyloccal Casette Chromosome mec (SCCmec) Element in Viral Fractions from Environmental Samples"

Perlin, Abby  |  Biology  |  Faculty Advisor: Kyle Seifert
"The Effect of Hand Sanitizer Use on Infection Rate in College Students"

Price, Morgan  |  Kinesiology  |  Faculty Advisor: Michael J. Saunders
"Effect of Cabohydrate Intake on Pacing in Endurance Cycling"

Price, Victoria  |  Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication  |  Faculty Advisor: Elisabeth Gumnior
"Global Identity of a Student Service-Learner"

Richardson, Rebecca  |  Honors Interdisciplinary  |  Faculty Advisor: Philip L. Frana
"Judging Laura"

Rubino, Matthew  |  Finance  |  Faculty Advisor: Pamela Drake
"The Present and Future Implications of Quantitative Easing: An In-Depth Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Fed's Bond Buying Program"

Rugel, Chelsea  |  Psychology  |  Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey T. Andre
"The Effect of Auditory Stimuli on Time-to-Time Contact"

Salafia, Rachel  |  English  |  Faculty Advisor: Paul W. Bogard
"Coal Black Tapestry: Gary, West Virginia"

Schuler, Taylor  |  Nursing  |  Faculty Advisor: Christine A. Argenbright
"Postoperative Pain Management"

Stratton, Deborah  |  Biology  |  Faculty Advisor: Corey L. Cleland
"The Effects of Grooming and Training on Adoption and Adoption Rates of Domestic Felines in Shelters"

Vieth, Daniel  |  Communication Sciences & Disorders  |  Faculty Advisor: Tatjana M. Hocke
"Google Glass: The Use of Optical Head-Mounted Displays in Building Dialogue"

Wilcox, Annika  |  Justice Studies  |  Faculty Advisor: Jesse R. McKee
"A Study of Domestic Violence and Patriarchial Ideologies in Popular Men's Magazines"

Wolfe, Rachel  |  Education  |  Faculty Advisor: Mary Beth Cancienne
"Unit Plan: Hamlet"


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