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Honors Symposium

Fri, 25 Apr 2014 2:00 PM - 5:15 PM

The JMU Honors Symposium provides a forum for Honors students to share their work with the public. Graduating students will present posters on their Senior Honors Projects. Oral presentations will highlight the work of students in the year-long Areas of Emphasis program.

The symposium is open to all students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the university. All are welcome.

ISAT 136

2:00-2:15: "Kijiji: A Leadership Practicum"
Stephanie Lessard

2:15-2:40: "JMURJ: JMU's Undergraduate Research Journal"
Zach Buchin, Stephanie Chung, Jackie Jessop, Nathan Saxman, and Alexa Senio 

2:40-3:10: Research Presentations
Jonathan Hurst, "Nutritional Supplementation for Endurance Athletes"
Brendon Perry 

3:10-3:40: "How the Leadership Area of Emphasis led to the Development of the Student Honors Advisory Council (SHAC)"
Brandon Carter, Austin Ford, Dakota Gagliardi, and Jessica Hunt 

3:40-4:00: "Global Neighbors: Action Shots of Education and Service"
Chelsea Wilkins, Victoria Price, Lizzy Powell, Taylor Schuler, and Sarah Van Leeuwen

4:00-4:25: "True Collaboration: Increasing Office Partnerships to Improve Student Involvement"
Kate Athearn, Erica Blum, Lindsey Davis, Caroline Hall, Danielle Maier, Jaimie Mulligan, and Nicole Wittkopp 

4:25-4:40:  "Lessons Learned from the Dominican Republic"
Claire Elverum, Christina Nesi, Rylie Power, and Elizabeth Williams 

4:40-4:55: "One Island, Two Countries: Haitians Living in the Dominican Republic"
Haley Leopold, Kylie Skorupa, Sarah Waddle, and Lindsay Wright 

4:55-5:15: "JMU Volunteerism Recommendations"
Cyrus Vokshoor, Nikolle Holland, Kelsey Lineburg, Kylie Stoup, and Emily Winter 

ISAT 150

Panel #1: 2:30-3:00

Cara Buchanan, "Women in Terrorism: Exploring the Motivations of Women Joining Terrorist Organizations"

Kelsey Ruane, "I’m not Just a Statistic: A Qualitative Analysis of Survivors of Sexual Assault"

Sarah Stack, "The Effect of Being Incarcerated for a Felony Charge on a Virginia Inmate’s Ability to Vote and Be Successful After Released from Prison with a Focus on the City of Harrisonburg"

Panel #2: 3:00-3:30

Joe Wilson, "Black Banner & White Nights: The Travel Account of Ibn Fadlan, 921-922 CE"

Gabriela Fleury, "Lion and Livestock Conflict in the Amboseli Region of Kenya"

Brad Rogers, "Hofmeister Anion Effects on Thermodynamics of Caffeine Partition between Aqueous and Cyclohexane Phases"

Panel #3: 3:30-4:00

Tate Burkholder, "Role of novel RTX-like proteins in Bordetella avium virulence"

Carly Starke, "An Approach to Bordetella avium as a Universal Poultry Live Vaccine Platform for the Expression of Foreign Antigens"

Michael Rudloff, "Structural and Functional Analysis of Disease Causing Mutations in the M10 Domain of Titin"

Panel #4: 4:00-4:30

Catherine Antosh, "The Irgun and the PLO: The Role of Terrorism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

Emma Martin, "Palestine and Hezbollah”

Ken Trumpoldt, "Martyrdom: A Different Perspective"

Panel #5: 4:30-5:00

Alan Tate, "Canine Clinical Study for Tear Lacritin as a Treatment for Dry Eye"

Josh Temple, "Difference FTIR studies on the effects of buffers on nucleotide binding to RecA"

Poster Session
2:00-5:00, ISAT Hallway

Joe Balsamo, “Exploring Multimodal Inputs to the Developing Auditory Midbrain”

Lindsay Bruno, “A Study into the Diagnosis of Obesity in Infants Less than Two Years Old in the State of Virginia”

Tracy Caldwell, “Structural Analysis of the Ig59 Domain of Obscurin”

Allie Casto, “A ‘Complex’ Analysis: Identification of Symbiosis Genes Using Gel Shift”

Chris Chrzan, “Dependence of the Nociceptive Withdrawal Response in the Rat Hindlimb on Stimulus Location and Initial Hindlimb Position”

Kayla Eppard, “Studying the Effects of Physical Activity on the On-task and Off-task Behaviors of an Elementary School Student with ADHD”

Morgan Hedden, “Seebeck and Electrical Conductivity Measurements of Manganese (IV) Oxide Particles as a Function of Electrical Resistance and Packing Density”

Breanna Lee,

Zachary Ochoa, “Bric And The Road To Superpowerdom”

Michael Partin, “Isolation of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus (MRCoNS) from a Manure-Contaminated Stream in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia”

Erica Searfoss, “Heart Rate Variability in Habitual College-aged Snorers”

Elizabeth Smith, “An Examination of the Relationship between Mindset, Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action, and Perceptions of Diversity Increasing Initiatives”

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