Has American Democracy Overcome Racism?

Tue, 11 Apr 2017 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Democracy in Peril?
A forum for presentations and open discussions about current politics


Has American Democracy Overcome Racism?

the final session of the semester


  Speakers: Dr. Steven Reich Professor of History
Dr. Kirsten Dyck, Adjunct Professor of History


Racist attitudes and structures persist in America today despite the legacy of the civil rights movement and profound demographic shifts.  In the light of recent racial tensions, how can Americans continue to promote racial cooperation and equality?  Drs. Steven Reich and Kirsten Dyck of the JMU History Department will discuss how historical and contemporary examples of racial injustice and interracial collaboration might inform America’s ongoing struggle for a just and inclusive political system. An open discussion with audience members will follow their presentations.



Date & Time: Tuesday, April 11, 5 – 6 pm
Location: Wilson Auditorium, James Madison University




Everyone Invited



Parking available at Warsaw Parking Deck and Lot K

(Handicapped Parking available behind Wilson Hall by calling at gates.)


“Democracy in Peril?” is sponsored by the History Department, the Gandhi Center, the Office of Faculty Access and Inclusion, and JMU’s Lifelong Learning Institute.  Subsequent sessions will be announced regularly.  If you would like to propose a topic or presenter for a session, please contact Michael Gubser (gubsermd@jmu.edu), Kevin Hardwick (hardwikr@jmu.edu), Jessica Davidson (davidsjb@jmu.edu), or Jack Butt (buttjj@jmu.edu).

“Democracy in Peril?” website:  http://sites.jmu.edu/democracyinperil/

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