Democracy in Peril How Democracies Die

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Democracy in Peril?
A new forum for presentations and open discussions about current politics


How Democracies Die

  Speaker: Dr. Scott Hammond, Professor of Political Science

The study of history reveals that no political system is permanent. What factors undermine democracy?  Drawing on his research on ancient and modern political philosophy, Scott J. Hammond, Professor Political Science at JMU, will address these concerns as they relate to American politics.  Is American democracy more vulnerable today than in the past? What elements in American society destabilize democratic institutions, and how can we protect self-government? Dr. Hammond’s presentation will be followed by an open discussion in which audience members from all political viewpoints are encouraged to participate.



Date & Time: Tuesday, March 21 – 5-6 pm

Location: Wilson Hall Auditorium, James Madison University (New, Larger Room!)




Everyone Invited



Parking available at Warsaw Parking Deck and Lot K

(Handicapped Parking available behind Wilson Hall by calling at gates.)



“Democracy in Peril?” is sponsored by the History Department, the Gandhi Center, the Office of Faculty Access and Inclusion, and JMU’s Lifelong Learning Institute.  Subsequent sessions will be announced regularly.  If you would like to propose a topic or presenter for a session, please contact Michael Gubser (gubsermd@jmu.edu), Kevin Hardwick (hardwikr@jmu.edu), Jessica Davidson (davidsjb@jmu.edu), or Jack Butt (buttjj@jmu.edu).

“Democracy in Peril?” website:  http://sites.jmu.edu/democracyinperil/

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