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Speaker: Jake Byczkowski

Wed, 5 Mar 2014 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

March 5 | 7pm | Wilson Hall Auditorium

Speaker: Jake ByczkowskiG.A.M.M.A. (Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol) and Delta Tau Delta Fraternity bring renown speaker Jake Byczkowski to JMU March 5, at 7pm in Wilson Auditorium.

Byczkowski (biz-cow-ski) is touring college campuses with his keynote address, "Solo Cup Culture: Minimizing the Risks of an Alcohol-Soaked Campus Climate." It's a conversation about alcohol filled with healthy humor and relatable stories.

Byczkowski asks, “Why do many college students continue to drink even after experiencing alcohol related harm?” He guides you through his personal journey to discovering his own drinking problem, and reveals how he created a solution specific to his own needs. Jake will mobilize you to create a communal movement against alcohol related harm. Through interactive discussions on topics like bystander intervention, to what “problem drinking” really means, Jake intends to utilize the intelligent minds on your college campuses to create a new culture, where responsible use of alcohol and safety are priorities.

Contact Lesley Eicher for more information.