Center for Global Engagement

The Pretty Big Event

Sat, 1 Apr 2017 8:45 AM - 9:45 PM

Location: Washington DC

in preparation of the "Big Event"  an annual JMU event which takes place throughout the world during which groups of individuals dedicate a portion of their time on that April 8th to volunteer for the local community, our office is offering this Pretty Big Event with this same concept a week earlier.

The international Student and Scholar Services is organizing a service learning project in Washington DC not only to help others and show our JMU spirit but also to give international alumni and current international students the opportunity to connect and engage with one another. This event is a very unique one but even more a very meaningful one as we will be volunteering during one for the many events taking place to celebrate the week-long Washington DC annual Cherry Blossom Festival by volunteering at the Kite Activity Tent.

Are you excited and ready? Only 20 seats are reserved for students. 15 others will be reserved for international alumni as this event will also be a great oportunity for you to connect with alumni. 

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