Student Research Symposium

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

JMU Geology & Environmental Science Student Research Symposium

Friday, April 21, 2017      Memorial Hall, Room 7370


  Before 8:50Morning presenters upload their presentation files


 9:05    Welcome and Introductory remarks – MC


 9:10    Mercer Parker

Textural analysis of amphibolites and schists from the Central Virginia seismic zone: Constraining the Paleozoic tectonic framework in a seismically active region

 9:25    Matthew Gribbin and John Paul Ligush

Preparing a TLS/SfM-based slope stability exercise for undergraduate applied geoscience education

 9:45    Alice Laamanen

Using aqueous geochemistry to identify primary controls on water quality in Smith Creek and North Fork River, Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties, Virginia        

10:00    Michelle Proulx

Establishing the location of unmarked burials in historical and slave cemeteries in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, using ground penetrating radar

10:15    Jacob Gochenour

Automated mapping of sinkholes in karst topography using airborne LiDAR-derived DEM

10:30    Stephen Gamble

Expansive soils and structural integrity: A case study from Tenth Legion, Virginia

10:45    Lucas Cherry

A petrographic analysis of the Connemara Marble versus Lakes Marble Formations of western Ireland

11:00    Melissa Mays

Stratigraphy and structure of a breached anticline at McKinney Hollow Road, Clifton Forge, Virginia

11:15    Lauren Roberts

First record of the Family Rhinophrynidae from the Oligocene of eastern North America

11:30    Elizabeth McTaggart

Insights into magmatic water contents at the onset of a Yellowstone supereruption from OH contents in feldspar

11:45    Haley Spencer and Loren Richardson

DRASTIC evaluation of the proposed route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline through Augusta County, Virginia


12:05 – 12:55   Lunch BreakAfternoon presenters upload their presentation files


12:55    Introductory remarks – MC


 1:00    Allyson Boggess

Applications of handheld x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy in the identification and classification of unknown meteorites

 1:15    Trevor Morgan

3D slope stability analysis of the Waterman Quarry’s northwestern wall

 1:30    Kristen Steele

Reconstructing Indian monsoon strength in the Bay of Bengal during the Pliocene M2 event: Estimation of paleosalinity levels

 1:45    Rose McGroarty

Developing a protocol for BSE image mapping entire thin sections using a Phenom XL SEM

 2:00    Morgan Treon, Elijah Johnson, and Sarah Anderson

Effectiveness of the Augmented Reality Sandbox for informal education

 2:20    Adam Nordling and Ian Hanss

Estimating water contents of Bishop Tuff magma from hydroxyl concentrations in feldspar phenocrysts

 2:40    Joshua Benton

Temporal variations in discharge and chemistry at cave drips in Grand Caverns, VA

 2:55    Ben Suranovic

Characterization of groundwater flow from karst sinkhole at surface into the Grand Caverns cave system in Grottoes, VA using resistivity

 3:10    Aaron Grabinski

Introducing the Next Generation Science Standards to a high school Earth Science classroom using MATLAB modules

 3:25    John Paul Ligush and Matthew Gribbin

Comparing terrestrial LiDAR with structure from motion for discontinuity orientation measurement


3:40   End of Symposium

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