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Tuscan Anglo American Festival

Wed, 9 Mar 2016 9:00 AM - Fri, 11 Mar 2016 6:00 PM

Tuscan American Festival 2016

The biennial Tuscan Anglo-American Festival will take place this year in Florence from March 9-11, 2016. A gathering of people from all over the world, the festival is geared towards celebrating the strong Anglophone culture that exists in Tuscany and to illustrate the positive actions of American students in the region. Florence is home to 40 different study abroad programs and each year around 9,000 students study in this historical city.

You may find yourself asking, why Anglo-American? This is because the festival is sponsored in part by the British Institute of Florence, an institution in Florence with which JMU collaborates. Both undergraduate and graduate students studying through JMU in Florence attend Italian language class at the British Institute, which also opens its doors to Tuscan citizens wanting to learn English.

By allowing this opportunity for American students to get in contact with their Italian counterparts, this festival aims to foster the humanistic cultural relation already taking place between American universities and the Tuscan and British culture. JMU wanted to respond to this call to cultural integration and will do so through these four events.

  • Conference - I Care about Florence: protecting our heritage from vandalism in theory and practice

    10 March 2016, 15:00-17:00, Palazzo Panciatichi, Via Cavour 2

    A conference aimed at the protection of the heritage of the historical sites and to discuss the national and international practices of combatting vandalism while proposing real solutions for Florence. The activity is sponsored by JMU along with the Associazione Via Maggio, consolidated partnership in last years’ Big Event.

  • Food event - Tuscan-American Food Exchange

    10 March 2016, 17:30-19:00, Eataly, Via Martelli 22

    A guided tasting of Tuscan food to understand and appreciate the differences between the Italian and American food cultures. The event is sponsored and supported by Eataly. JMU’s Professor Francesca Passeri for the undergrad courses “Food Industry in Italy” and “Wine Culture” within the Florence Program will illustrate the history and the differences of a variety of breads and their pairings compared to the US. The activity is fully dedicated to students, and an outstanding amount of 60 students will be able to join the free tasting, coming from University of Florence and the American Universities in Florence, other than JMU students. JMU has been working hard on this event in order to favor the integration between Florentines and American students through something they daily care about, namely food.

  • Video Screening - #Nofilter: The experiences of the American students of Florence

    11 March 2016, 15:00-17:00, Palazzo Bastogi, Via Cavour 18

    A presentation of university and student videos that detail the life of American students in Florence and shows to the Florentines their experiences through their eyes. Furthermore, our students will talk to the Florentine audience watching the video screening about their impressions on studying abroad and, specifically, in the renaissance city of Florence. This event will be held jointly by JMU, Harding University and Richmond College.

  • Community Service - I Care about Florence: protecting our heritage from vandalism in theory and practice

    11 March 2016, 16:00-18:00, Piazza Santo Spirito

    The Big Event at JMU is getting bigger! After the success of last years’ Big Events, JMU decided to bring this activity into the Tuscan Anglo-American Festival in order to increase the amount of people taking part in this volunteer activity! After taking the discussion from the conference, student will participate in cleaning the vandalism and graffiti in the Santo Spirito neighbourhood. The activity is sponsored by JMU along with the Associazione Via Maggio.

The event will consist of conferences, art shows, photography, concerts, seminars, and numerous forms of student volunteering. Through these events, students will display their activities in Florence and why they chose to study abroad in Florence. Perhaps the most important aspect of this festival is the opportunity for American university students to engage with their Italian counterparts. Through students meeting other students, the festival hopes to initiate a cross-cultural exchange celebrating the unique aspects each culture has to offer.

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