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Moving the Needle: Insights on Ethical Reasoning in the Classroom

Wed, 10 May 2017 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

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Facilitators: Daisy Breneman, Justice Studies; Bill Hawk, The Madison Collaborative; Kara Kavanagh, Education Programs; Kristi Lewis, Health Sciences; Kristen Smith, The Graduate School; Wayne Teel, Integrated Science & Technology.

In August 2016, the Madison Collaborative for Ethical Reasoning and the Center for Assessment and Research Studies partnered with a group of faculty across a range of disciplines to develop effective teaching strategies designed to enhance students' ethical reasoning skills. During the Fall semester, faculty members piloted the strategies in six courses across four colleges, and researchers observed and analyzed the teaching practices using implementation fidelity research--that is, research that ensures faculty teach what they say they are going to teach.  This workshop brings together these faculty to discuss strategies for teaching ethical reasoning, summarize findings on the effectiveness of the strategies, and share insights from their experiences. Through this workshop, attendees will explore opportunities to apply ethical reasoning strategies and implementation fidelity research to their own teaching and scholarship.

Participants will make progress toward these outcomes:

  1. Understanding some of the principles and applications of implementation fidelity research;
  2. Developing specific strategies for implementing ethical reasoning into their classrooms;
  3. Identifying opportunities for collaborative teaching and research project around ethical reasoning.

To learn more about May Symposium, visit the Center for Faculty Innovation website.

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