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Fulbright Research Projects: From France to Finland (Roundtable)

Tue, 16 Oct 2018 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Location:  Madison Union room 405, lunch provided.

The faculty Fulbright Program offers a range of opportunities for JMU faculty to teach, research, or engage in a combination of both in multiple countries around the world.  JMU faculty have been extremely competitive when applying for Fulbright grants, as evidenced by being nationally recognized as a top producer of Fulbright scholars in 2012, 2016, and 2017. 

This fall semester JMU is hosting a Visiting Fulbright Scholar from Finland in the School of Art, Design, and Art History.  In this roundtable, Dr. Sirpa Kokko of University of Helsinki, will provide a brief overview of her Fulbright Mid-Career Professional Development research project, Cultural approaches to crafts and craft education, an exploration of new approaches to craft/fibers cultures and related pedagogical implications.  In addition, Dr. Maureen Shanahan, JMU Professor of Art History, will provide an overview of a Fulbright research project that advanced two inter-related projects regarding the representation of psychological trauma in art and visual culture, a project conducted with a professor of human geography at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, just outside Paris, France. 

Participants will be encouraged to dialogue about the specifics of the research projects, and also about  opportunities for pursuing a Fulbright research grant or hosting a visiting Fulbright Scholar at JMU.   



  • Sirpa Kokko, Ph. D., University of Helsinki
  • Maureen Shanahan, Ph. D., Art History


Faculty participants will make progress toward these program outcomes:

  • Appreciating Fulbright research projects of colleagues.
  • Exploring Fulbright research grant opportunities. 

Faculty participants will make progress toward these scholarship outcomes:

  • Appreciating the diverse forms, purposes, and communication modes of scholarship in higher education.
  • Exploring & securing funding opportunities to support scholarly activities.

If you require non-dietary accommodations to participate in this program, please email the CFI at or call (568-4846) immediately to convey your needs.  We will work with the HR department to provide you with reasonable accommodations, if time permits.

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