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Apply for Review & Renew Your Career Institute

Mon, 16 Apr 2018 12:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Review & Renew Your Career Institute (formerly Academic Portfolio Institute) will be held May 14-18, 2018 in Rose Library.

Apply by Mon, 16 Apr at 5 PM.

Click here for a PDF preview of the application.

In this five-day institute, mid- and late-career faculty are invited to a series of group and one-on-one peer mentoring experiences as well as individual reflection and writing activities to review their achievements, identify the central themes of their careers, and map out their future career trajectories. Participants do so by writing and revising a portfolio that describes their central career achievements and places them into a larger context of their career values and goals. All participants will work with a trained colleague who has previously participated in the JMU Academic Portfolio Institute.

This institute is for faculty who have attained tenure or who are in renewable term or part-time teaching contracts with six or more years at JMU.

For questions about this institute contact Andreas Broscheid, Assistant Director for Career Planning.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these program outcomes:

  • Identifying and documenting central career achievements;
  • Renewing a sense of direction for their careers.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these career planning outcomes:

  • Appreciating the place and purpose of comprehensive career planning in academic careers,
  • Creating a comprehensive career plan with a meaningful, measurable goals for professional advancement,
  • Identifying and implementing effective strategies for career advancement,
  • Achieving self-defined career milestones, and
  • Applying best practices of performance documentation to career advancement.

If you require non-dietary accommodations to participate in this program, please email the CFI at or call (568-4846) immediately to convey your needs.  We will work with the HR department to provide you with reasonable accommodations, if time permits.

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