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Using Team-Based Learning to Prepare and Engage Your Students (Workshop)

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Location:  Rose Library room 5211lunch will be provided.

This workshop will also be offered on Thu, 09 Nov 2017, 8:00-9:30 AM in Student Success Center.

You may register for either using the linked button above.

In Team-based learning (TBL), students learn primary course content outside of class and work within permanent teams during class to apply course content. Research has shown that TBL is an effective teaching method (e.g., REF) that holds students accountable to come to class prepared, helps students delve deeper into understanding and using course content, and makes even large classes—even with 300 students!—feel smaller (for both students and faculty!). This workshop will introduce participants to TBL and provide ideas for how to begin implementing aspects of TBL into existing classes.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these program outcomes:

  • Understanding some of the current pedagogical research available on teaching through TBL and the Flipped Classroom.
  • Creating classroom activities and assessments that engage students in TBL and that incorporate a flipped classroom model.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these teaching outcomes:

  • Appreciating pedagogy—the art and science of teaching and learning--as a significant higher education endeavor,
  • Identifying factors that influence pedagogical choices,
  • Creating assignments and/or courses that support higher-level learning (deep learning), and
  • Designing and offering courses or curricula that align learning objectives, assessment, and learning activities.

Facilitator: Krisztina Varga Jakobsen, Ph.D., Psychology

If you require non-dietary accommodations to participate in this program, please email the CFI at or call (568-4846) immediately to convey your needs.  We will work with the HR department to provide you with reasonable accommodations, if time permits.

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