Center for Faculty Innovation

Here to Help/ H2H (Workshop)

Thu, 2 Feb 2017 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location:  Madison Union (Taylor 405)

This three-hour workshop introduces faculty and staff to the benefits that our direct engagement can have with individual students as they face the challenges of balancing their academic careers and the other spheres of life as a college student. Learning from experts from the Health Center, the Office for Substance Abuse Prevention, Counseling Services, and Title IX Officers, you will be introduced to the many existing programs that help support students in their successful lives on campus, and how faculty and staff can serve as a referral point for students seeking these resources.

As for the existing Safe Zone program, faculty and staff who have completed this workshop in Spring 2017, or in the coming semesters, and choose to participate, will receive an H2H sticker for their office door to publicize their participation in the program, and can assist students seeking resources. 

After the H2H workshop, participants will be able to identify:

•    Signs of distress in students and steps they can take to assist students

•    Disruptive classroom behavior and develop an intervention plan to reduce its occurrence

•    A dangerous student

•    Actions they can take to help to mitigate risk


David Onestak, Ph.D., Director, Student Counseling Center,

Amy Sirocky-Meck, MA, Associate Director for Substance Abuse Prevention and Title IX Officer for Students,

Elizabeth Howley, MA, Assistant Director, Sexual Violence Advocacy and Prevention,

Sarah Brooks, Associate Professor and Coordinator for the Art History Program, and CFI Faculty Associate for Academic Culture.


Office of Equal Opportunity-Title IX;

Counseling and Student Development Center;

University Health Center's Student Wellness & Outreach

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