Center for Faculty Innovation

The Design and Implementation of Mixed Methods Research (Workshop)

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Location:  Madison Union (Taylor) room 306

Mixed-Methods research consists of an approach for collecting and integrating qualitative and quantitative data to investigate a problem of practical and/or theoretical interest.  This workshop addresses the process of designing and implementing a mixed methods study.  Topics include philosophical stances, distinctions between qualitative and quantitative data, as well as the appropriateness of specific designs for addressing questions of interest within mixed-methods research.  Participants will have time to discuss current research projects and the implications of this approach in their discipline. Common challenges when conducting mixed-methods research are also addressed.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these program outcomes:

  • Designing a mixed method study, and 
  • Troubleshooting mixed methods studies.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these scholarship outcomes: 

  • Enhancing scholarly productivity, and 
  • Advancing scholarly skills.

Facilitator:  John D. Hathcoat, Ph. D., Graduate Psychology and Center for Assessment and Research Studies.

Partner/Sponsor:  Center for Assessment and Research Studies 

If you require non-dietary accommodations to participate in this program, please email the CFI at or call (568-4846) immediately to convey your needs.  We will work with the HR department to provide you with reasonable accommodations, if time permits.

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