Skillful Teaching at the Edge of Your Expertise

Tue, 29 Oct 2013 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: Montpelier Room
Scholarly Talk


Most faculty do not like to admit it, but it is known to be true - faculty often find themselves teaching the unfamiliar. In some instances, professors are adding cutting edge research into courses; in others, they are teaching topics they haven't studied (or used) since their own sophomore years. One can immediately picture the pitfalls of this scenario, but in what ways can this make faculty better teachers and students better learners? In this plenary, teacher-scholar Therese Huston shares her research with faculty from across the country. What are best practices from professors who teach material outside of their comfort zone and do it well? What are some of the common but unavoidable mistakes all faculty tend to make? Integrally, what are the implications for the evolving professoriate and, at large, higher education? Faculty and graduate students at all levels and ranks are encouraged to attend this plenary and examine the experience of "teaching while learning" and what it suggests for how we can work more creatively and innovatively with students.

This Scholarly Talk is designed to help faculty make progress towards the following outcomes:

  • speak to the productive tensions that arise when faculty teach at the margins of their expertise;
  • gain awareness of the evolving, changing professoriate; and
  • generate conversations regarding teaching and its relationship to broader career development.

Facilitator: Therese Huston, Ph.D, Center for Faculty Development at Seattle University

This event is cosponsored by General Education.



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