Alternative Break Program

Meatless Monday

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Make sure to eat on campus every Monday because Mrs. Greens, D-Hub, and E-Hall are partnering with ABP to present "Meatless Mondays!" In the lobbies, we will be giving out lots of information on environmental advantages to eating vegetarian (or eating less meat)!

Come out and try it with us!! #25days #25yearsstrong

Why Go Vegetarian?

The Environment - Going vegetarian helps in the conservation of fossil fuels, water, and soil. It helps to reduce the destruction of tropical rainforests and wildlife habitat. A vegetarian diet can also reduce the production of carbon dioxide (CO2). Did you know that the amount of CO2 pollution produced by making 1lb of hamburger is equivalent to the amount of CO2 pollution produced by the average car over a span of three weeks?!

Personal Health - There are many reported health benefits associated with being a vegetarian. This includes a reduced risk of heart disease, obesity, certain cancers, adult-onset diabetes, and many other diseases and illnesses. This is because many meats are high in fat, especially the saturated fats that can clog your arteries, which leads to many health issues. People tend to worry about getting enough protein in their diet as a vegetarian, but there are a large variety of meatless options that contain plenty of protein for a well-balanced diet.

Cost - It costs a lot to produce meat products, therefore, vegetarian protein sources tend to be more cost less than meat.

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