"When Borders Divide Us" Discussion

Tue, 24 Sep 2013 4:00 PM

4 p.m.
Room 405, Taylor Hall

Are we preoccupied with boundaries and borders? Geopolitical borders frequently become the focal point of conflict and divisiveness, although they seem to be based on a commonality they become the center of attention of our differences. When a border is first created, there's this somewhat arbitrary line drawn in the sand. There is little consideration for the connections that preceded the delineation, family, ethnic groups, ecosystems and languages etc. are carved down the middle. Over time the border becomes this important element the defining marker, similarities and connection erode, and differences become dominate. One side becomes us and the new side becomes the other. Walls and fences are raised and humans become illegals, terrorist and enemy somehow less worthy than us. Discussion topics will include current border conflicts, immigration issues in the United States, the border dispute between Palestine and Israel and how geopolitical boundaries separate people who have more in common than not.

Part of International Week at JMU; for information, check

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