SMADFest Student Film Festival

Tue, 30 Apr 2013 6:00 PM

6 p.m.
Grafton-Stovall Theatre

Students from the School of Media Arts and Design present their work, each film running about 20 minutes. “We Lost Ross” is about three friends who awake in a bad state to find they have lost their good friend from the previous night. As their understudies and director try to thwart them, the boys venture on a quest to find him before call time. “Elysium Bridge” offers closure for those who have lost their loved ones by providing re-creation of a memory involving the client and the deceased. Michael Moubray, an employee of Elysium Bridge, becomes dangerously attached to his client Charlotte, who wants to see her late fiancé Ben one last time. In “Reckoning,” the poverty-stricken county of Jessup is entirely controlled by organized crime, but chaos ensues when a hit man betrays the local mafia. The hit man’s son, a low-life drug dealer, must reckon with the mob’s formidable kingpin in order to save his father’s life. “511 Shunamite Drive” involves college student Louis, who returns home to care for his ill aunt in her last days, but ends up getting more than he bargained for. The film “Shift” is about the character Adam Harrison who starts his day with a typical routine that is turned upside down when a mysterious stranger hops into the front seat of his car and tells him to drive. Free.



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