Annual Diversity Conference: "Inclusion: A World of Opportunities"

Mon, 18 Mar 2013 8:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Festival Student Conference Center

We invite you to attend our annual diversity conference, “Inclusion: A World Of Opportunities.”

NOTE: You must pre-register for the conference (TD1800) and each concurrent session you plan on attending. Registration of TD1800 includes the opening session, lunch and the closing session.

This year we have crated thematic tracks for your convenience. The tracks ill enable participants to easily locate the workshops that are of interest to them and their field of work. While we hope that the tracks facilitate conversations across workshops as participants attend several workshops in the same track, you are welcome to mix and match workshops according to your interests!

Class sizes are limited-you may not be able to attend all classes in a track.

The thematic tracks are as follows:

1. Diversity for student success Workshops in this track will ask how the faculty and staff can channel the potential of inclusion inside and outside the classroom to support student learning for a diverse world.

2. Diverse faculty and staff JMU aspires to be an institution that is home to faculty and staff of all kinds of backgrounds, experience, intellectual and cultural perspectives. Workshops in this track address challenges that JMU faces in meeting this aspiration and consider ways to make JMU more inclusive.

3. Diversity beyond demographics Not all differences that shape our lives and our identities are measured by the census bureau. Workshops in this track deal with aspects of diversity that are easily overlooked but still important for creating a university for all.

4. A changing legal environment for diversity in higher education Workshops and presentations in this track deal with the consequences of a changing historical context for the inclusion of underrepresented groups in higher education. 

Please look at the session details on the Training & Development Web Page at

Register for sessions by logging into MyMadison at

To Register for a session of MyMadison

  • Select the “Employee” tab
  • Under the Employee Training select “Request Training  Enrollment”
  • Search by date 03/18/2013 
  • View the sessions listed to find the one you want to register for either by title or course number
  • Select “View Available Sessions” under Session Availability
  • The session screen will tell you how many seats are available and/or if there are people on the wait list
  • To sign up for this session or be added to the wait list select the course number found in the box labeled “session.”
  • Select “ok” to be added to the session or wait list

If you need assistance with registering for any of the sessions or have any questions regarding the registration process, please contact Suzanne Vance at  

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