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Lecture Series

In addition to ordinary class instruction, students in the European Union Policy Studies graduate program attend guest lectures conducted by an assortment of academics and professionals. Lectures are typically held at JMU’s Palazzo Capponi and are open to the public. Each lecture is designed to supplement and enrich students’ coursework. Lectures cover a broad range of topics from economics to political theory, current events to public diplomacy.

Recent Public Lectures

Gao Fei (China Foreign Affairs University), "Why is Mutual Trust Important?"

Pascal Vennesson (European University Institute), "Is there a Grand Strategy behind European Union Foreign Policy?"

Josep Borrell Fontelles (former President of the European Parliament), "The European Union and the Crisis of the Euro"

Luciano Bardi (University of Pisa), "Parties and Party Systems at the EU Level"

Andrea Chmieliński Bigazzi (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Italy) and Jahn Jeffrey (US Department of State), “CSDP Missions: EULEX Kosovo Seen from Different Perspectives”

Miguel Poiares Maduro (European University Institute), “The Euro Crisis as a Crisis of European Integration”

Fabrizio Barzanti (European Court of Justice), “The ECJ: An Insider’s Perspective”

Furio Cerutti (University of Florence), "What, if Anything, Keeps Europeans Together?”

Marina Rosser (James Madison University), “The Welfare State in Europe: The Crisis of Sustainability”

Gary Hart (Former US Senator), "An Open Discussion with Former Senator Gary Hart”

Furio Cerutti (University of Florence), “The Political Identity of Europeans: Definitions and Misconceptions”

J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. (James Madison University), “Central Banks and Macroeconomic Policy in the US and the EU”