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All students in the European Union Policy Studies graduate program choose to undertake an extensive research project or to work at an internship. The internship provides students with the practical professional and international experience necessary to compete in today's global labor market. Students choosing the internship supplement their professional work with an independent research project whose contours are determined via discussions with JMU faculty members and internship partners.

Listed below are examples of internships that past EUPS students have completed. This is not a definitive list, and no placement is guranteed. Each year, internship opportunities evolve based on students' various talents, language skills, and career interests, and on the needs of particular organizations. Placements are made based on an application process and interviews with providers.

Agenzia Nazionale, LLP (Lifelong Learning Program, Italian Agency)

Agenzia Nazionale LLP manages programs (e.g., Erasmus, Comenius, Grundtvig) for the European Commission's Directorate General for Culture and Education throguhout Italy. With two national offices in Florence and Rome, LLP’s Florence office is responsible for the management of personnel, protocol, and most educational programs. Interns assist with the receipt, management, and organization of program applications. They learn how to navigate and use the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Program database and assist with projects relating to various educational programs. 

ANPAS (Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze

ANPAS dates back to the mutual assistance tradition of Renaissance Italy. ANPAS brings together volunteers in the welfare and medical assistance sector and is also in charge of international adoptions for the region of Tuscany. It is one of the leading NGOs in Tuscany and in all of Italy. Depending on their foreign language proficiency, students work on projects related to the evolving national and EU legislation in this field, as well as in the area of international adoptions.

City of Strasbourg, Research Assistant based in Florence

The summer internship with the City of Strasburg takes place in Florence. Students conduct research at the European Union's Historical Archives. The Archives house transcripts of  speeches, parliamentary proceedings, and other institutional proceedings, and are managed by the European University Institute. Interns work on projects commissioned by the City of Strasbourg. In the past, interns have researched the speeches of the founding fathers of the EU which addressed or praised the role of the city of Strasbourg in the formation of a united Europe and in the promotion of Franco-German reconciliation and human rights.

Europe Direct, City of Florence Administration

This European Commission-funded office, located in Palazzo Vecchio, promotes communication between EU institutions and the Italian public. EUPS students have prepared and carried out the "Learning Europe Project," which allows the Master's students to teach the European Union's History, Institutions and Policies in English at select Italian high schools. EUPS interns have also worked on the "Antenna Europa" project, talking on the radio about EU-wide events of local interest. In addtion, they have worked to prepare and carry out the annual State of the Union Conference and Europe Day celebrations that take place in Florence in May.

European University Institute (EUI), San Domenico di Fiesole, Florence

The EUI is the most important EU-related research institution in Europe. The exclusive relationship between the EUPS program and the EUI allows JMU to place interns as researchers attached to current political science research projects. The availability of this internship depends on the existence of a relevant research project and the student's familiarity with basic or advanced statistics.

Florence News and Events

This local newspaper informs the English-speaking foreign public about cultural events going on in Florence and Tuscany. EUPS students have run an ‘EU and Florence’ column, which publishes EU news of interest to foreign residents.

The Florentine

This is the most widely read English-language magazine in Florence. EUPS students investigate and write articles, document events, and gather interviews and news about EU-relevant themes that also have a local focus. 

Italy’s Finest

Italy’s Finest is a creative luxury travel and destination management company that arranges out-of-the ordinary experiences and access to the best hotels, private villas and special events in Italy. Interns have worked together with the business owner to develop new markets and improve the firm's international visibility. The US and Russian markets have been among the main targets of the marketing strategies.

Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz

The Kunsthistorisches Institute is a German research organization dedicated to the history of art and architecture in Italy. Work with the Kunsthistorisches Institut consists mainly in assisting the administrative offices with a review of the daily German press, and in preparing and assisting with the organization of conferences, trips, and events.

Niels Stensen Institute, Florence

This leading Italian cultural foundation organizes festivals, conferences and events promoting cross-cultural communication and understanding. EUPS students have helped to organize the International Film Festival of Poggibonsi and a large conference/event within the 2009’s national celebrations of Galileo Galilei.

Max Weber Fellowship Program (EUI), San Domenico di Fiesole, Florence

Europe’s largest postdoctoral program in the social sciences and humanities, the Max Weber Fellowship program is funded by the European Commission and hosted by the European University Institute (see above). Interns have conducted research for the program, draft reports, and organize conferences and press-related materials for events. There is also ample opportunity to attend stimulating conferences and network with renowned academics.

Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore

Founded in 1296 by the Republic of Florence, the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore is the historic body responsible for the construction, and now preservation, of Brunelleschi’s famous Duomo. Today, the Opera operates a museum and archives focused on conserving and promoting Florence’s illustrious past. Interns have given tours and helped the Opera in marketing and translating for current events and exhibits.

Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, Florence

Founded in 1968, the Robert F. Kennedy Center is a non-profit organization created by Mr. Kennedy's closest friends and family to realize his dream of a more just and peaceful world. Today, this living memorial is one of the foremost international human rights organizations. In 2011, the RFK Center moved one of its international locations from Rome to Florence, enabling a partnership with JMU. Interns have helped with the set up necessary for this relocation, through research and the creation of mailing lists, and have assisted with the organization of conferences and events.

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (EUI), San Domenico di Fiesole, Florence

Founded in 1992 and hosted by the European Union Institute (see above), the Robert Schuman Centre hosts research programs, research projects, and a range of working groups and ad hoc initiatives. Its research agenda is continuously evolving. Interns work as research assistants to academics currently working at the center. The availability of this internship  depends on the existence of a research project. Basic or advanced statistics may be required.

Studio Legale Poli

Poli Avvocati is an Italian law firm that specializes in contract and international commercial law and assists Italian companies in their expansion into foreign markets. It is a part of the network of international law firms, TEN (The European Network), which has branches in a dozen European countries. Students have researched how the most recent EU treaties have been implemented in the different EU member states in ways that relate to contract and inheritance law. 

UNESCO, Firenze Chapter

This office seeks to preserve European artistic heritage and to promote cultural exchange among young people worldwide. In the past, EUPS interns at UNESCO took steps toward setting up a UNESCO club at JMU Harrisonburg and laid the groundwork for a UNESCO Conference to take place in Romania. Students run the UNESCO Firenze blog, which was founded by previous EUPS interns and highlights cultural events in Florence, a UNESCO heritage site. They also contribute to UNESCO conferences and fundraising events.

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