How do I Find Daycare for My Child

There are several ways to find daycare.
  • You can look in the yellow pages of your telephone directory under "Daycare - Child." There you will find a list of area day care centers.

  • You can call Childcare Connection. They match families who need child care with people and organizations that provide childcare. Their phone number is 433-4531. Childcare Connection charges a $60 fee for this service.

  • The newspaper carries advertisements for people who need childcare and those people who provide childcare.

  • The Internet is probably the best place to find information about daycare centers. There are many web sites that list childcare and day care centers in our area. The Office on Children and Youth lists area childcare centers. Their address on the Internet is Their telephone number is (540) 568-2558.

Daycare and My Child
What to Look For in a Good Daycare

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