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NCSE Report

The report from the National Council for Science and the Environment was initiated by JMU’s Institute for Stewardship and the Environment (since renamed the Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability) in order to get a more comprehensive picture of how JMU’s curriculum and programs compared with national trends. After submitting information and faculty responses about environment curriculum at JMU, Dr. Shirley Vincent conducted a site visit in Spring 2012 and interviewed faculty and administrators as followup to the submitted information. Her subsequent report was entitled:  Environmental Programs’ Comparative and Strategic Analysis: JMU in the National Landscape. JMU faculty are in the process of reviewing the report, and will be responding to the report at the close of the 12-13 academic year. The faculty review group is being facilitated through the Associate Vice Provost of Cross Disciplinary Studies and Planning.

View the report here.