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Environmental Minors

The Environmental Management, Environmental Science, and Environmental Studies minors take an interdisciplinary approach that prepares students to develop and apply science and technology to environmental problems in a variety of professional settings.  

Any of the three environment minors may be taken in conjunction with any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) area major. They also may be taken in conjunction with a major from any other JMU academic area — Business, Communications, Education, Health and Human Services, Humanities and Social Sciences, or Visual and Performing Arts.

Environmental Management, Environmental Science and Environmental Studies are united by a common capstone, ENVT 400. In this course, students converge and work with a faculty team on environmental problem solving from this cross-disciplinary nexus.

The Fall 2013 ENVT 400 topic will focus on "Water in the Valley." The course will integrate social and biological aspects of water resource issues in the Shenandoah Valley. Conflicts between societal needs and biological concerns often arise over this vital resource. This class will investigate the foundation for such conflicts by exploring societal perspectives of human uses of water and resulting biological conditions that effect human health and ecosystem functions. Special emphasis will be placed on conservation and restoration opportunities that can elevate such conflicts and develop more sustainable options for water use in the future.