Spring 2014 Undergraduate Course Offerings and Descriptions


GENG 221 Literature/Culture/Ideas
0001 TTh 2:00-3:15pm (Pitts)

GENG 222 Genre(s). Shakespeare and the Actor
0001 TTh 6:30-7:45pm (Favila, Hamilton, & Swartzentruber)

GENG 235 Survey of English Literature I (Beowulf to 18th Century)
0001 (Goode & Sorge Way) MW 6:50-8:05pm

GENG 236 Survey of English Literature II (18th Century to Modern)
0001 (White & Sorge Way) MWF 12:20-1:10pm

GENG 239 Studies in World Literature (Osotsi & Levine)
0001 TTh 5:00-6:15pm

GENG 239H Survey of World Literature (Honors Section)
0001 TTh 9:30-10:45am (Mookerjea-Leonard)

GENG 247 Survey of American Literature I
0001 (Harrison & Lawton) MWF 10:10-11:00am

GENG 248 Survey of American Literature II
0001 (Hefner & Lawton) MWF 11:15am-12:05pm

GENG 260 Survey of African American Literature
0001 (Washington) TTh 9:30-10:45am
0002 (Fagan, Thompson & Hamilton) TTh 5:00-6:15pm

GAMST and GHUM courses fulfill General Education Cluster II
requirements; they do not fulfill requirements for the English Major


ENG 294 Internship in English.
0001 (Bogard) Corresponds to 1-credit internships
0002 (Bogard) Corresponds to 2-credit internships
0003 (Bogard) Corresponds to 3-credit internships

ENG 299 Writing about Literature
0001 (Godfrey) MWF 3:35-4:25pm
0002 (M. Facknitz) TTh 9:30-10:45am
0003 (M. Facknitz) TTh 12:30-1:45pm
0004 (Holladay) TTh 3:30-4:45pm

ENG 302 Special Topics in Literature and Language
0001 (Canivell) W 4:40-7:10pm
0002 (L'Heureux) TTh 11:00am-12:15pm. Literature From American Wars of           the 20th Century
0003 (Mookerjea-Leonard) TTh 12:30-1:45pm. Children, Violence and
ENG 305 Mythology (Moore) (cross-listed with CLAS 360)
0001 TTh 12:30-1:45pm

ENG 306 The Bible as Literature (Morey)
0001 MWF 9:05-9:55am

ENG 309 Traditional English Grammar (Johnson)
0001 TTh 9:30-10:45am

ENG 311 Medieval Literature & Culture (Baragona)
0001 TTh 11:00am-12:15pm

ENG 315 17th Century British Literature (Johnson)
0001 TTh 12:30-1:45pm

ENG 319 Teaching Shakespeare (Favila)
0001 TTh 3:30-4:45pm

ENG 321 Restoration & 18th Century British Poetry and Prose (Goode)
0001 MW 2:30-3:45pm

ENG 325 Romantic Literature (Castellano)
0001 TTh 2:00-3:15pm

ENG 347 Playwrighting (DeSanctis) (meets with THEA 347)
0001 TTh 2:00-3:15pm

ENG 356 Modern American Novel (Hefner)
0001 MW 2:30-3:45pm

ENG 357 Contemporary American Fiction (Fagan)*
0001 TTh 12:30-3:00pm
* This Fourth-Block class convenes for the first time on March 18, 2014

ENG 361
African-American Fiction Writers (Holladay)
0001 TTh 11:00am-12:15pm

ENG 362 African-American Poets (Godfrey). Anthologizing African American           Poetry
0001 MWF 1:25-2:15pm

ENG 383 Major Film Genres (Hefner)
0001 MWF 9:05-9:55am, 5:00-8:00pm Wednesday

ENG 384 Major Film Directors (Gaughran)
0001 MW 5:20-6:35pm, 6:30-9pm Thursday

ENG 391 Introduction to Creative Writing - Nonfiction
0001 (Varner) TTh 11:00am-12:15pm
0002 (Bogard) TTh 12:30-1:45pm
0003 (Varner) TTh 2:00-3:15pm

ENG 392 Introduction to Creative Writing - Poetry
0001 (Hoover) MW 9:05-10:20am
0002 (S. Facknitz) MWF 10:10-11:00am
0003 (S. Facknitz) MWF 12:20-1:15pm
0004 (Rutherglen) TTh 2:00-3:15pm

ENG 393 Introduction to Creative Writing - Fiction
0001 (Martin) MW 9:05-10:20am
0002 (Martin) MWF 12:20-1:10pm
0003 (Martin) MWF 1:25-2:15pm
0004 (Fitzgerald) TTh 9:30-10:45am

ENG 396 Advanced Composition
0002 (L'Heureux) TTh 12:30-1:45pm

ENG 398 Texts for Teachers II (Jeffrey)
0001 MW 4:40-5:55pm

ENG 403 Advanced Studies in British Literature Post-1700: The Drama and           Culture of the Restoration (Goode)
0001 MS 4:40-5:55pm

ENG 407 Advanced Studies in American Literature: The Beat Movement
0001 (Holladay) TTh 2:00-3:15pm

ENG 408 Advanced Studies in African-American Literature (Godfrey). Black           Speculative Fiction
0001 MWF 11:15am-12:05pm

ENG 410 Advanced Studies in Author
0001 (Cash) MW 2:30-3:45pm. Writers of the Rough South
0002 (White) MW 2:30-3:45pm. Virginia Woolf

ENG 412 Special Topics Seminar (Gabbin)
0001 TTh 9:30-10:45am

ENG 413 Advanced Studies in Literature and Ideas (M. Facknitz). British
          Literature and the Great War
0001 TTh 3:30-4:45pm

ENG 432 Advanced Studies in African Literature (Osotsi)
0001 TTh 2:00-3:15

ENG 447 Advanced Playwrighting (DeSanctis)
0001 M 2:30-5pm

ENG 484 Poetic Craft and Creativity (Kutchins)
0001 TTh 12:30-1:45pm

ENG 493 Advanced Creative Nonfiction (Bogard)
0001 TTh 3:30-4:45pm

ENG 494 Advanced Poetry Writing (Kutchins)
0001 TTh 3:30-4:45pm

ENG 495 Advanced Fiction Writing (Majors)
0001 M 12:20-2:50pm

ENG 496 Advanced Topics in Creative Writing
0001 (Majors) W 12:20-2:50pm
0002 (Madonia) W 3:35-6:05pm







Course descriptions and other information are available in the 2013-14 Undergraduate Catalogue.




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