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          Three recent English graduates, Logan Hill (now finishing his MFA at University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Alexandra Parker, and Peter Mucahy, will present papers at the Beatnik Shindig Conference in San Francisco June 26-28, 2015. Their panel, titled “Young Scholars Discuss the Beats," will focus on the works of Elise Cowen, Herbert Huncke, and Jack Kerouac.         


          The Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia is accepting applications through June 1 for the fall 2015 term, and it welcomes applications from graduates of James Madison University. A list of all of the programs continuing to accept applications for 2015-16 is here.         


          The Loudon Literacy Council of Northern Virginia has two AmeriCorps positions available. Interested students can view a description of these positions here.


          The Ameson Foundation, a non-profit NGO committed to the advancement of cultural and educational exchange, is offering a year's employment in China. Information is here and here.

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