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Mary Thompson  

Co-Coordinator, Women's Studies Program
Faculty Advisor, Sister Speak and Free Thinkers

Office: Keezell 413
Phone: 540-568-3758

Courses: on leave Fall 2014 semester

Other courses include
Eng 299: Writing About Literature
Eng 368: Troublemakers: Disruptive Women’s Writing
Eng 368: Narratives of Female Development
Eng 466: Toni Morrison and Motherhood
Eng 674: Literature and Body Studies
GAmSt 200: American Borders of Identity, Community and Nation
GHum 200: Memory, Narrative and Truth
WmSt 200: Introduction to Women’s Studies

American Literature, Women's Literature, Feminist Theory, and Theories of The Body

Ph.D., American Culture Stuies, Bowling Green State University
M.A., English, University of Vermont
B.A., French and English, University of Vermont

“Learn Something From This! The Problem of Optional Ethnicity in America’s Next
          Top Model.” Feminist Media Studies 10:3 (Sept. 2010): 335-52.

“Mothers in Media.” In Encyclopedia of Motherhood. Ed. Andrea O’Reilly. Sage Press,
          2010. 2:746-50.

“Juno or Just Another Girl? Young Breeders and a New Century of Racial Politics
          of Motherhood.” In Motherhood at the 21st Century: Policy, Experience,
          Identity, Agency
. Ed. Andrea O’Reilly (New York: Columbia University Press,
          2010). 171-84.

“What is a Feminist Blog?” Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women’s
          Studies Resources
27.2 (Winter 2006).

"Third Wave Feminism and Motherhood." GENDERS 43 (Spring 2006): 40pars.

"The Construction of Public Health in the FDA Hearings on Silicone Breast
          Implants," in Body Talk: Rhetoric, Technology, and Reproduction. Eds Claire
          Gavon, L. Gurak, M. Lay and C. Mynti (Chicago: University of Wisconsin Press, 2000).

Recent Conference Presentations:
“’I’m Against Abortion, But…’: Post-feminism and Abortion.” April 22-24, 2010.
          Gender, Bodies, and Technology Interdisciplinary Conference. Virginia
          Tech. Roanoke, VA.

“Reclaiming Maternal Voices and Fetal Imagery.” October 8, 2009. Feminisms
          and Rhetorics Conference. Michigan State University. Lansing, MI.

“The Biopolitics of Black Motherhood in Toni Morrison’s Beloved.” March 26, 2009.
          College English Association Conference. Pittsburgh, PA.

“Abortion in Feminist Theory and Practice.” November 15, 2008. Feminism in
          Practice Conference. Lehigh University. Bethlehem, PA.

 “Hostile Patients, Provider Refusal, and Post-Feminist Challenges to Abortion
          on Demand.” June 2007. National Women’s Studies Association Annual
          Meeting. Chicago, IL.

“Representing the Fetus at Abortion Clinics.” June 2006. National Women’s
          Studies Association Annual Meeting. Oakland, CA.


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