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Matthew Rebhorn  

Office: Keezell 212
Phone: 540-568-6994
Office Hours: M 9:00-10:30am, W 11:00am-12:30pm

Courses: Spring 2016
Eng 352: American Novel to 1914 
Eng 651: Studies in Nineteenth-Century American Literature 

American Literature, American Novel, Theater History, Performance Theory,
          Transcendentalism, Melodrama

Ph.D., English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University, 2004
M.Phil., English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University, 2001
School of Criticism and Theory, Cornell University, Summer 1998
M.A., English and Comparative Literature, University of Virginia, 1998
B.A., English (Honors), University of Chicago, 1997

Research and Publications:
"Ontological Drift: Medical Discourse and Racial Embodiment in Robert Montgomery Bird's           Sheppard Lee," ESQ (forthcoming).

Review of Karl M. Kippola, Acts of Manhood: The Performance of Masculinity on the
          American Stage, 1825-1865
(Palgrave Macmillan 2012) in Nineteenth-Century
          Theatre and Film
40:2 (Winter 2013): 139-141.

Pioneer Performances: Staging the Frontier. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012.
          Reviewed in:

          American Literature 86:2 (June 2014): 409-411.
          American Quarterly
66:2 (June 2014): 453-463.
          Comparative Drama 46:4 (Winter 2012): 560-562.
          Great Plains Quarterly 33:1 (Winter 2013): 63-64.
          Journal of American Studies 47:1 (February 2013): 273-275.
          Modern Drama 56:3 (Fall 2013): 413-415.
          Theatre Journal 66:1 (March 2014): 170-172.

"Minding the Body: Reading Melville's Body Language in Benito Cereno." Studies
          in the Novel
41:2 (Summer 2009): 157-177.

"Thomas Dartmouth Rice."  In American Countercultures: An Encyclopedia
          of Nonconformists, Alternative Lifestyles, and Radical Ideas in U.S. History
          Ed. Gina Misiroglu.  New York: M.E. Sharpe, 2008.

"What is It?: The Frontier, Melodrama, and Boucicault's Amalgamated Drama." The
          Journal of American Drama and Theatre
19:3 (Fall 2007): 5-33.

Review of Martin Puchner, Poetry of the Revolution: Marx, Manifestos, and the
(Princeton UP 2005) in Modern Drama 50:3 (Fall 2007): 465-7.

"Edwin Forrest's Redding Up: Elocution, Drama, and Performing the
          Frontier."  Comparative Drama 40:4 (Winter 2006-7): 455-81.

"Flaying Dutchman: Masochism, Minstrelsy, and the Gender Politics in Amiri
          Baraka's Dutchman," Callaloo 26:3 (Summer 2003): 796-812.

"'Incest is Best (When It's Kept in the Family)': Staging a Re-conceptualization of
          the Oedipal Family Matrix in Paula Vogel's How I Learned to Drive," Queen: A
          Journal of Rhetoric and Power
1:1 (2000).          

Development Grant (for marketing campaign for MA program in English), The Graduate           School, James Madison University, 2014
Visiting Scholar, American Antiquarian Society, 2013-2014
College of Arts and Letters Summer Research Fellowship, James Madison University,           2012
Edna T. Shaeffer Humanist Award, James Madison University, 2012-2013
International Development Grant, Office of International Programs, James Madison
          University, 2011-2012
CIT Institute for Online Course Development Grant, James Madison University, 2011
NEH Summer Stipend Finalist, 2008-2009
Faculty Educational Leave, James Madison University, 2008-9
NEH Summer Stipend Finalist, James Madison Unviersity, 2007-2008
Edna T. Shaeffer Humanist Award, College of Arts and Letters, 2007
Stanley J. Kahrl Fellowship in Theatre History, Harvard University, 2007
Mellon Dissertation Fellowship (2003-4)
Bunneur Award (2001)
Bradley Fund Grant (2001)
Jacob K. Javits Fellowship (1998-2002)

Recent Presentations and Lectures :
"Muscle Memory: Theater History and Forrest’s Laboring Body,” Modern Language
          Association (ATDS-sponsored panel), 2015.

"Melville’s Untimely Pleasures: The Temporality of Reading in Typee,” American Studies           Association (SHARP-sponsored panel), 2014.

"Hawthorne’s Untimely: The Dialectic of Time in The House of the Seven Gables,”
          Hawthorne in the Berkshires, Nathaniel Hawthorne Society, North Adams, MA, 2014.

"Ontological Drift: Medical Discourse and Racial Embodiment in Sheppard Lee,” American           Literature Association, Washington, DC, 2014.

"Stomaching Literature: The Proto-Cognitive Turn in American Letters,” C19, Chapel Hill,           NC, 2014.

"Billy’s Fist: Neural Science, Embodiment, and Melville’s Late Style,” American Literature           Association, Boston, MA, 2013.

"Invasion of the Bodysnatchers: Bird, Poe, and the Art of Metempsychosis,” America
          Literature Association, San Francisco, CA, 2012.

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