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Douglas Harrison  

Associate Professor of English and Assistant Director, Center for Faculty Innovation

Office: Rose Library 5115 & Keezell 224
Phone: 540-568-4841
Email: harri7dr@jmu.edu
Office Hours:

Courses: Fall 2015
Eng 247: Survey of American Literature I (with William Lawton)

American literature and culture, especially American religious thought, experience, and           psychology; gospel music and culture; sexuality and gender, technology and higher           education

Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis
M.A., English, Washington University, St. Louis
B.A., English, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Pierre Laclede Honors College


Then Sings My Soul: The Culture of Southern Gospel Music. University of Illinois Press           (Music and American Life series) 2012.

The Gospel Sensibility: Faith, Feeling, and Fallibility in American Sacred Song. Monograph           in progress.

Selected Book Chapters and Journal Articles:
“Southern Gospel Sissies: Gay Men, Evangelical Music, and the Plays of Del Shores.”
          Routledge. Forthcoming.

Entries on “Gospel Music,” “Southern Gospel,” and “Revival Hymns” in Encyclopedia of           Christianity in the United States. Rowman & Littlefield. Forthcoming.

“Grace To Catch a Falling Soul: Country, Gospel, and Evangelical Populism in the Music of           Dottie Rambo.” In Walking the Line: Country Music Lyricists and the American
          Literary Canon
. Eds. Roxanne Harde and Thomas Alan Holmes. Lexington Press,           2013.         

“Authenticity and the Arkansas Imaginary in the Southern Gospel Music of The Martins.”           Southern Spaces: An Interdisciplinary Journal of the U.S. South. In progress.

 “Southern Gospel Sissies: Gay Men, Evangelical Music, and the Plays of Del Shores.” In           The Best of the Journal of Men, Masculinity, and Spirituality. Ed. Joseph Gelfer.
          Gorgias Press (2010), 207-231. Originally published in JMMS 3.2 (June 2009),
          123-141. Available online.

“Gaither Homecoming, College Football Reunions, and the Consecration of Cultural
          History.” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 22.3 (2010). Available online.

“No Body There: Notes on the Queer Migration to Cyberspace.” Journal of Popular Culture.            43.2 (April 2010), 286-308.

“Southern Gospel Sissies: Gay Men, Evangelical Music, and the Plays of Del Shores.”
          Journal of Men, Masculinities, and Spirituality
. 3.2 (June 2009), 123-141.

“Scholarly Voice and Professional Identity in the Internet Age.” Thought & Action. 24 (Fall           2008), 23-34. Available online.

“Why Southern Gospel Music Matters.” Religion and American Culture. 18.1 (Winter 2008),           26-47. Available online.

“The Will in Contemporary Evangelicalism: Or How (Not) To Domesticate Jonathan
          Edwards.” Journal of the M/MLA. 39.1 (Spring 2006), 1-13.

“Narcissism, Apocalypse, and Shelley’s Critique of Canonical History in ‘Alastor.’” Essays           in Romanticism, (Spring 2003), 37-64.

“The Long Poem of Walking: Spatial Organization and Pedestrian Speech Acts in Piers           Plowman.” AntiThesis 12 (Spring 2002), 192-217.

Selected Awards:
Kluge Research Fellowship in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Library of Congress,           2014
Faculty Scholarship Excellence Award, Florida Gulf Coast University, 2011
National Education Association Award for Excellence in the Academy, 2008
Faculty Research Grant, Florida Gulf Coast University, in support of archival research at Center for Popular Music Study, May 2009
Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship. Washington University, 2004-05
Cornielson Writing Prize. Washington University, 2003
Robert Johnson Prize for Writing Excellence. University of Missouri St. Louis, 1998

Selected Conference Presentations:
Scholar in Residence Invited Talk: “The Gospel Sensibility: How Fundamentalist Use
          Sacred Song as Equipment for Living. John W. Kluge Center. Library of Congress.           August 2014.

“The Gospel Gestalt as Cultural Export: The Curious Case of Gaither Homecomings
          Abroad.” Christian Congregational Music: Local and Global Perspectives
          Conference. Ripon College, Oxford. August 2013.

“Authenticity and the Arkansas Imaginary in the Southern Gospel Music of The Martins.”           Society for American Music Annual Conference. Little Rock, AR. March 2013.

“Fundamentalists in Cyberspace: Or, Doing American Religious Culture Studies in the
          Digiital Age.” American Academy of Religion. San Francisco, CA. November 2011.

“The Re-Purpose Driven Life: Rick Warren and Contemporary Evangelicalism’s Covert
          Appropriation of Humanism.” American Academy of Religion. Atlanta, GA. November

Invited Presenter: “Confessions of a Blogademic.” National Education Association Annual           Meeting. Portland, OR. March 2009.

“I Once Was Straight But Now Am Gay: Conversion Narratives and Gospel Music in the           Plays of Del Shores.” Midwest Modern Language Association. Minneapolis, MN.
          November 2008.

“The Gaitherization of Convention Singing.” Middle Tennessee State University, Center for           Popular Music. Murfreesboro, TN. April 2008.

“Jonathan Edwards and Crisis Theology in Contemporary Evangelicalism.” MLA annual           meeting. Chicago. December 2007.

“Toward a Transatlantic Edwards: The Scottish Correspondence.” Society of Early
          Americanists/Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture Conference.           Williamsburg, VA. June 2007.

Chair, Religion and Literature panel: “The Half-Life of Religious Thinking.” Chicago.
          Midwest Modern Language Association. November 2006.

“Thomas Shepard, Experiential Theology, and the Inscrutability of God’s Plot.” Princeton.           American Comparative Literature Association. March 2006.

“William James and the Customization of Calvinism.” St. Louis. Midwest Modern
          Language Association. November 2004.

“Contemporary Evangelicalism and the Rediscovery of Jonathan Edwards.” New Orleans,           Louisiana. Popular Cultural Association of the South/American Cultural Association           of the South. September 2004.

Selected Reviews, Interviews, and Invited Essays:
Review of The Fan Who Knew Too Much: Aretha Franklin, the Rise of the Soap Opera,
          Children of the Gospel Church, and Other Meditations
, by Anthony Heilbut. Gay and           Lesbian Review. November-December 2012, 54. Available online.

“Still Captivated By Southern Gospel” (author interview for Then Sings My Soul). Religion           Dispatches. August 2012.
“The Gospel Church and the Ruining of Gay Lives: An Interview with Anthony Heilbut.”
          Religion Dispatches. August 2012.

“Without Bev Shea, No Billy Graham.” Religion Dispatches. April 2013.

“Faith and Football: What the Gospel Church Can Learn from the NFL.” Religion
          Dispatches. February 2013.

“The Gospel Gestalt: From Joyful Noise to Whitney Houston.” Religion Dispatches. March           2012.

“Repurposing the Gospel Aura: Eminem’s Chrysler Ad Borrows Some Spirit.” Religion
          Dispatches. February 2011.  

“Come Out From Among Them: Christian Music Meets its Gay Stars.” Religion Dispatches.           April 2010.

Review of Natural Acts: Rusticity and Nostalgia in Country Music, by Patricia Fox. Choice           Magazine. March 2009. 

Review of Shout, Sister, Shout: The Untold Story of Rock-and-Roll Trailblazer Sister
          Rosetta Tharpe
, by Gayle Wald. Choice Magazine. July 2007.

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