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Jean Cash  

Office:  Keezell 220
Phone: 540-568-2500
Office Hours: Th 12-1:30pm

Courses: Spring 2016
Eng 410: Advanced Studies in Author

Larry Brown, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, William Styron, Southern Literature in           general

Ph.D., English, University of Mississippi, 1983. Sigma Tau Delta and Phi Kappa Phi.
M.A., English, Madison College, 1967
B.A., English, Madison College, 1959. Sigma Phi Lambda and Kappa Delta Pi.

Publications since 2011:

Rough South, Rural South, Region and Class in Recent Southern Literature. Ed. with Keith           Perry. Jackson: UP of Mississippi, 2015.                                

Larry Brown, A Writer’s Life. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2011. It is the           recipient of the Eudora Welty Award.                                                                

Rev.  Conversations with Tim Gautreaux, ed. Lamar Nisly.  The Flannery O’Connor Review           15 (2015):  np.

With Rhoda Sirlin and David Young.  “William Styron’s Posthumous Publications:
          Reaffirmation of a Man of Letters.”  The Southern Literary Journal 45.1 (Fall
          2012):  56-77.

Rev.  Fall Line.  By Joe Samuel Starnes.  Studies in American Culture 35.1 (October 2012):            172-175.

Rev.  Wingless Chickens, Bayou Catholics, and Pilgrim Wayfarers:  Constructions of                     Audience and Tone in O’Connor, Gautreaux, and Percy.   By Lamar Nisly.  Flannery           O’Connor Review 10 (2012):  112-114.

Recent Presentations

“The Sunset Limited:  Text and Film—A Triumph.”  Presented at the meeting of the Cormac           McCarthy Society, Memphis, TN, October 2015.

“Larry Brown, Harry Crews, and Cormac McCarthy:  A Study of Admiration and Influence.”           Presented at the annual meeting of the American Literature Association, Boston, May           2015.

Presentation on US. Writers in Florence to participants on a JMU trip to Florence,
          December 2014.

Presentation on O’Connor, NoirCon, Philadelphia, October 2014.

"Jesmyn Wade and Michael Farris Smith:  “The Devastation of Katrina Presented through
          Fiction.”  Presented at the annual meeting of the ACAS, New Orleans, October 2014.

"Dean Faulkner Wells’s  Every Day By the Sun, A Memoir of the Faulkners Of Mississippi:            Surrogate Daughter and Family Historian."  Presented at the annual meeting of
          MACAPA, Atlantic City, NJ, October 2013.

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