Recent Faculty Publications and

              Dabney Bankert is the recipient of a National Endowment for the
    Humanities year-long Research Fellowship (2013-14). Her current book
    project is titled An Inconvenient Dictionary: Forgetting Bosworth-Toller, One
    Letter at a Time.

              She has recently published "Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Rawlinson
    C.887: An Unpublished Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Saxon Glossary by
    Nathaniel Spinckes” in The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society
    13 (2012): 400-422.

              Paul Bogard's The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in
    an Age of Artificial Light is forthcoming in 2013 from Little, Brown.

              Jean Cash published "William Styron's Posthumous Publications:
    Reaffirmation of an American Man of Letter," with Rhoda Sirlin and David
    Young. Southern Literary Journal 65.1 (Fall 2012): 56-77.

              She presented "Larry Brown and His Literary Idols" at the annual meeting
    of the American Culture Association in the South ( Nashville, TN, September
    2012). She also presented "Flannery O’Connor and Nature: Her Avian
    Obsession" at the College English Association annual meeting (Savannah,
    GA, April 2013).   

              Katey Castellano's monograph The Ecology of British Romantic
    Conservatism, 1790-1837 has been accepted for publication in the Palgrave
    Series on the Enlightenment, Romanticism, and Cultures of Print and is
    forthcoming with Palgrave Macmillan, October 2013.

              Erica Cavanagh's essay "Come and Eat" is forthcoming in Gastronomica.
    She presented "In the Garden According to Earth" at the College English
    Association annual meeting (Savannah, GA, April 2013), and she is the
    recipient of the 2013 Madison Caucus for Gender Equality Grant and a year-
    long University Studies Educational Leave (2013-14) to continue work on her
    book project, The Water that Runs and Runs.

              Mark Facknitz published “Willa Cather, the Nabi of Red Cloud,” in
    Sarah Cheney Watson and Ann Moseley (eds.), Willa Cather and Aestheticism:
    From Romanticism to Modernism (Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2012),
    chapter 8. HIs essay "Kitsch, Commemoration, and Mourning in the Aftermath
    of the Great War” is forthcoming in a collection essays from Wilfred Laurier

              He will lecture on " Willa Cather and Mabel Dodge Luhan: Elective
    Landscapes and Unexpected Affinities” at the Fourteenth International
    Conference on Willa Cather, Northern Arizona University, 17-22 June 2013.

              Allison Fagan's essay “Negotiating Language: Latino/a Glossaries,
    Translations, and Codeswitching” is forthcoming The Routledge Companion
    to Latino/a Literature. Her essay "'Damaged Pieces’: Embracing Border
    Textuality in Revisions of Ana Castillo’s Sapagonia" is forthcoming in MELUS.

              Annette Federico's essay "Dorothea's Boudoir: Reading, Dream
    Work, and Ethical Perception" is forthcoming in Texas Studies in Literature and

              Samar Fitzgerald's story “Where Do You Go?” (New England Review
    Vol. 32, No. 1, Spring 2011) will be reprinted September 2013 in 2013
    PEN/O.Henry Prize Stories.

Richard Gaughran's essay “Taking Sides with a Macedonian Film:
    Milcho Manchevski’s Before the Rain” appeared in The CEA Critic, vol. 74.2-3,
    in 2013. Also, in April, 2013, at the College English Association conference in
    Savannah, GA, he presented a paper entitled “Reconnecting with the Rhythms
    of the Natural World in Winter’s Bone.”

Mollie Godfrey's essay "Rewriting White, Rewriting Black: Authentic
    Humanity and Authentic Blackness in Nella Larsen's 'Sanctuary' is forthcoming
    in MELUS. She published "'They ain't human': John Steinbeck, Proletarian
    Fiction, and the Racial Politics of 'The People'" in MFS Modern Fiction Studies
    59.1 (Spring 2013): 107-34.

              She presented on "Pan-Africanism, Liberalism, and Black Nationalism:
    Brown Girl, Brownstones at the Crossroads" at the MELUS Conference,
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 2013. She also presented on "Rewriting the
    Bildungsroman: Paule Marshall, Transnationalism, and Transcendence” at the
    annual meeting of the American Studies Association (San Juan, Puerto Rico,
    November 2012).

Dawn Goode's essay "'Under a Petticoat': Excess Femininity and
    Lesbian Desire on the Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century Stage" is
    forthcoming in the Journal of Eighteenth-Century Studies. Her essay
    "Enlightened Female Homoeroticism and Social Transformation in Trotter's
    Agnes de Castro" is forthcoming in Restoration.

              Brooks Hefner's essay "Weird Investigations and Nativist Semiotics
    in H.P. Lovecraft and Dashiell Hammett" is forthcoming in Modern Fiction
    Studies. His essay "Milland Alone: The End of the System, Post-Studio Stardom,
    and the Total Auteur” is forthcoming in the Journal of Film and Video.

              Laurie Kutchins was English faculty member for the Ireland in Text and
    Image Program, Summer 2012.

Inman Majors' novel Love's Winning Plays has been published by
    W.W. Norton (2012).

A.J. Morey's book Romancing the Dog: American Vernacular
    Photography, 1860-1950 is under contract with Pennsylvania State University

Mark Parker's book Inferno Revealed: From Dante to Dan Brown (co-
    authored with Deborah Parker) will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in
    October 2013.

              Mark Rankin co-directed a National Endowment for the Humanities
    (NEH) 2012 Summer Seminar for College and University Teachers on “Tudor
    Books and Readers: 1495-1603,” which convened in Antwerp, Belgium; and
    London and Oxford, England. He will co-direct another NEH summer seminar
    on the same topic in 2014.

             His essay " A John Day William Tyndale Presentation Copy in Queen’s
    College Library?” is in press and forthcoming in The Queen’s College Library
    Insight, Queen's College, Oxford. His essay “The Materiality and Iconography of
    the Coverdale Bible (1535) Title-Page Border” (with Guido Latré) is in press and
    forthcoming in Stephen Prickett (ed.), The Bible and the Arts (Edinburgh:
    Edinburgh University Press, 2013. His essay “The Style and Logic of James
    Brooks’ 1553 ‘Reconciliation Sermon’ is in press and forthcoming in Torrance
    Kirby (ed.), Paul’s Cross and the Culture of Persuasion in England, 1520-1640
    (Leiden: Brill, 2014).

              He has recently received a Lester J. Cappon Fellowship in Documentary
    Editing, The Newberry Library (Chicago, IL); a Mayers short-term Research
    Fellowship, Huntington Library (San Marino, CA); and a Renaissance Society of
    America-Folger Grant, Folger Shakespeare Library (Washington, DC).

Matthew Rebhorn's monograph, Pioneer Performances: Staging the
    Frontier (Oxford University Press, 2012), has been reviewed in The Journal of
    American Studies, Comparative Drama, and Great Plains Quarterly. He is at
    work on a second book-project that examines the interface between nineteenth-
    century literary production and the mind-body debate in medical and scientific
    discourses. He presented a piece from this project called "Billy's Fist: Neural
    Science, Embodiment, and Melville's Late Style," at the annual meeting of the
    American Literature Association in 2013. He has been appointed a Visiting
    Scholar at the American Antiquarian Society for 2013-2014.

              Siân White's essay “An Aesthetics of Unintimacy: Narrative Complexity
    in Elizabeth Bowen’s Style” is forthcoming in JNT: Journal of Narrative Theory
    45.1 (2015). She is also co-editor and author of “Introduction” (with Pamela
    Thurschwell) of a Special Issue of Textual Practice dedicated to “Elizabeth
    Bowen and Textual Modernity” [Textual Practice 27.1 (January 2013): 1-192].

              She presented on “
Blocking Bodies: Dramatic Staging in James Joyce’s
    Ulysses,” International James Joyce Conference, College of Charleston,
    Charleston, SC, 2013 June 11-15.
She also lectured on "The Modernist Tragedy:
    Aristotelian Unities and Ulysses,” 18th Irregular Miami J’yce Birthday Conference:
    Joyce and England, University of Miami, Miami, FL, 2013 January 31-February 2.
    She is the recipient of an Edna T. Shaeffer Humanist Award, James Madison
    University (2013-2014).


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