GHUM 200: Great Works of Irish Literature and Film


Prof. Susan Facknitz 3 credits

          This course is the capstone of the Cluster Two experience in  General Education. It will afford students extensive opportunities to produce various genres of academic writing, as well as to develop more engaged and sophisticated reading strategies through exposure to interesting and thought-provoking texts. These texts will be traditional literary works and films. We will study three topics in the course: The Great Famine, The Struggle for Independence, and The State of Northern Ireland. We will begin by reading Bram Stoker's Draculaas an allegory of British domination of Ireland, including its response to the Great Famine. Then we will explore the period of the Anglo-Irish War and the Irish Civil War by reading Roddy Doyle's A Star Called Henryand watching the movies Michael Collins, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, and The Field. We will look at the struggle toward peace and the effect of the Troubles in Northern Ireland by reading John Conroy's account of his time spent in Belfast as recorded in his Belfast Diary. We will also watch films that deal directly with this period such as Bloody Sunday, In the Name of the Father, Some Mother's Son, and Omagh. We will also watch continuing developments in Northern Ireland through online subscriptions to RTE and BBCNI. We will examine they ways in which film and literature have expressed the experience of these events in Irish history and helped shape contemporary Ireland.

Required Course Texts:
Dracula by Bram Stoker (Norton)
A Star Called Henry
by Roddy Doyle
Belfast Diary
by John Conroy

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