ENG 495: Advanced Fiction Writing


Dr. Martin 3 credits

          In this class we will build upon the skills acquired in the prerequisite—an introduction to fiction writing—and use them to find constructive ways to improve student manuscripts in a workshop setting that should be congenial, substantive, and fun. The text for this class is Yellow, a debut collection of interconnected stories worthy of emulation, set in the fictional town of Rosarita Bay, California. Written by Don Lee, a contemporary novelist and longtime editor of the literary journal Ploughshares, this collection of stories, which we will read carefully and discuss before embarking upon our discussions of student manuscripts, is “expertly written and wonderfully readable, with a fascinating mixture of the comic and sorrowful,” according to Charles Baxter. Stuart Dybek claims that these stories, which deal largely with race relations in America, hark “back to the timeless concerns of Chekhov: fate, chance, the mystery of the human heart.” Gish Jen writes that Don Lee “eschews the politically correct, not so much for the politically incorrect, as for a third ground of real human complexity.”

Prerequisite: ENG 393 or permission of instructor.

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