ENG 410: Advanced Studies in Author: Virginia Woolf


Dr. Siân White 3 credits

          This demanding course looks closely and in depth at the work and life of Virginia Woolf and is designed for students who are reading, thinking, and writing at an advanced level. In keeping with the rigor expected of a 400-level course, this author course narrows the scope of the topic to deepen the level of close-reading and critical inquiry surrounding the author’s work. Students can expect to read widely from among Woolf’s novels, essays and diaries, as well as engage with related literary and social criticism, emphasizing feminism, aesthetics, and her association with the Bloomsbury Group. In addition to engaged reading and discussion, students will be expected to read and present on critical articles and, as a final project, to write a 12-15 page essay that incorporates literary criticism and a theoretical frame with a literary analysis of some aspect of Woolf’s work.

This course fulfills the author requirement for the English major and is also cross-listed with Women’s Studies (WMST).

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