ENG 410: Advanced Studies in Author: Rushdie and Naipaul

Dr. Mookerjea-Leonard 3 credits

          The work of the two acknowledged masters of modern literature, Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul (b.1932) and Salman Rushdie (b.1947), belong to the genre of postcolonial writings. Their work has actively influenced and informed a range of cultural and literary debates. While there are some thematic overlaps in their work, they also differ widely in terms of style, treatment of subject matter, and, importantly, in their intellectual and political trajectories. Through an engaged study of some of their most representative work this course will examine issues of home, migration and exile, identity, modernity, and history, as well as of narrative and linguistic experimentation. 

          This course fulfills the "Author" requirement for English majors, the "Alternative Canon" requirement, and could also count as an elective. It also counts towards the World Literature minor.

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