ENG 410: Advanced Studies in Author:
Flannery O'Connor


Dr. Cash 3 credits

          This course will, in a seminar format, provide comprehensive study of the life and work of Flannery O'Connor, a major Twentieth Century novelist who, in only about fifteen years as a writer, produced short stories and novels of classic dimension. Motivated to write both to fulfill herself and to promote the cause of Roman Catholicism in a primarily protestant nation, O'Connor used Regional settings, grotesque characters, comic dialect and Satirical humor to draw the interest of her readers so that they might ultimately experience the thematic force of her vision. Course requirements include frequent oral presentations, four formal papers (750 words each), and a 2,000 word research article for undergraduates. Graduate students will write the formal papers (1,000 each), teach two O’Connor short stories, write a book review, and produce a 3,500 word seminar paper.

          This course meets concurrently with ENG 512.

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