ENG 410: Advanced Studies in Author: Faulkner


Dr. Cash 3 credits

          This major authors’ course is demanding because students will read nearly all of Faulkner’s often-complex works.  They will read, study, write on, and evaluate (with the help of secondary reference) Faulkner’s major works, beginning with the book that he himself recommended for first reading: The Unvanquished. Other novels read will include Flags in the Dust, The Sound and the Fury, As I Lay Dying, Sanctuary, Pylon, Light in August, Absalom! Absalom!, The Wild Palms, The Hamlet, and Go Down, Moses and Selected Stories. Students will produce a journal on each of the novels, write four formal papers, and a 2,500 word research article. My critical approach is mainly formalist, but discussion will also deal with cultural and psychoanalytic issues. Students will leave this course realizing that Faulkner is one of  best (if not the best) US writer of fiction. Admission to this course is by permission only.

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