ENG 391: Introduction to Creative Writing - Nonfiction

Prof. Bogard 3 credits

          In this introductory level writing workshop we will study and practice the elements that make creative nonfiction such a versatile and vibrant genre, one that promises the creative writer a world of opportunity. Indeed, as the editors of the journal Creative Nonfiction explain, “We are always on the lookout for true stories, well-told, about any subject.” We will read widely to understand the breadth and possibility of the genre, surveying forms from lyric essay to memoir to travel narrative, personal essay to narrative journalism, and practice reading as writers—asking, ‘How can I learn from what they are doing, and what can I steal?’ (Or, at least, borrow.) We will learn the language creative writers use, such as “persona” and “voice” and “style,” and practice writing essential craft features such as dialogue, scene, and reflection. We will learn the process of the workshop, of commenting constructively on the work of our peers. And, we will write our own essays—trying our hand at weaving sensory detail, firsthand experience, research, vulnerability, and humor into our own “true stories, well-told.”

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