ENG 334: Contemporary Drama

Dr. Rebhorn 3 credits

          This course explores contemporary drama, particularly in the American context, from 1950 through the present. We will be paying particular attention to two issues: one, the issue of the changing notion of form as drama moves from modernism to postmodernism and beyond—what does a play look like? What should a play do? How should an audience react? Second, we will be attending to the social agendas of drama and how they mesh with general critical traditions like gender studies, critical race theory, Marxism, and postcolonialism, and with historical movements like the Black Arts Movement, Second-Wave Feminism, Stonewall Riots, and 9/11. For that reason, we will balance works by Shepard, Kushner, Albee, Hwang, Parks, and others, against critical and aesthetic interventions by a number of scholars. We will compliment our readings and discussions of the texts by seeing a number of filmed productions as well as by going to see a set of theatrical productions in the area. This course fulfills the GENRE requirement for the English major.

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